Lotus Elite Tires

You may be surprised to know that the name Lotus Elite has been used for two production vehicles and one concept vehicle by Lotus Cars, a British automaker. It is the second-generation model called Type 83 that we shall be discussing here today. The most unique aspect of the Elite was its extremely inventive fiberglass monocoque construction, which replaced the earlier independent chassis and body components with a stressed-skin, glass-reinforced plastic unibody. In contrast to the modern Chevrolet Corvette, which solely employed fiberglass for the outside bodywork, the Elite's whole load-bearing structure was made of glass-reinforced plastic. The monocoque's front was fused to a steel subframe that supported the engine and front suspension. In terms of exterior design, it was a different kind of luxury sports car as it featured an aerodynamic shape instead of a sloped back.


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