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Founded by Harvey Firestone way back in 1900, Firestone quickly made a reputation for top quality tires and soon became the Original Equipment supplier for Ford. Today, Firestone is part of the Bridgestone family; their tires continue to be used on winning cars at the Indianapolis 500 and Formula One series, and their race-proven designs have been put on the road in their passenger and light truck tires. In addition, Firestone makes farm, industrial, and lawn and turf tires for off-highway applications.

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The Transforce HT is an all-season tire specially developed to fit light trucks that require easy handling and reliable traction all year-round. So it doesn't matter whether you're driving your truck in rain, heat, or light snow, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable ride when you have the Transforce HT tires under your car. Ideal for sports utility vehicles, pickups, vans, and commercial trucks, the Transforce HT was designed to be used for highway speeds on the road. It features a symmetric tread design molded with a long link carbon tread compound which provides excellent weather traction. Its notched shoulders and independent intermediate tread blocks provide reliable handling on both wet and dry road surfaces while the continuous center rib ensures straight line tracking. Helping to prevent risks of hydroplaning are the wide circumferential grooves while the lateral grooves and multiple sipes create biting edges so improve traction on light snow.

Features & Benefits

  • Engineered with UNI-T technology which combines high performance, stability, and extended treadwear

  • Tread is made with advanced compound and constructed with polyester/steel so it can withstand damage and enjoy a longer treadlife
  • 5-degree noise-cancelling technology to reduce noise so you can enjoy a quiet ride even when travelling on long distances
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