Returns and refunds

We understand that sometimes things just don’t go as planned. To begin the return process, submit the return request form below or call (888) 410-0604 to speak directly to a SimpleTire Support representative.

Here’s how the return process works. It’s way simple.

1. Submit the return request

Returns are accepted within 30-days of delivery. Only unused tires that have not been mounted or driven on are eligible for return. Once we receive the tires back in our warehouse we will issue a refund back to the original form of payment minus $20/tire for return shipping plus any handling fees on the original order.

The $20/tire return shipping fee will be waived if you need to place another order or in the unlikely event that we shipped the wrong tire.

Start my return request

2. Ready your tires for shipment

Tape each return label directly to the tread of the tires. Make sure the label is secure so it doesn’t fall off during shipping.

3. Ship your tires to us

With the return labels securely taped to the tires, take the tires to a FedEx location and they will send the tires back to us. If you can’t get to a FedEx location then you can contact us and we’ll schedule a pickup from your home or business.

Tires shipped to a shop

If you are returning tires that were shipped directly to a shop, please review step one listed above. You can disregard steps two and three as we will handle the return label and have FedEx pick up the tires directly from the shop.

Shipping and damage claims

If your order arrived and the tires are either incorrect or damaged, please call our Support team at (888) 410-0604 as soon as possible. We’ll report the damage to the carrier, the shipper, and create a replacement order for you. We will need the damaged or incorrect tires returned so we’ll make arrangements for them to be picked up. All you need to do is attach the shipping labels (which we’ll send to you) to the tires.

Cancellation requests

We have a 30 minute cancellation window that starts as soon as an order is placed. During that time you can request to cancel your order and, in most cases, we can. Because we require our suppliers to ship all orders that they receive within a certain amount of time we can’t cancel any orders after 30 minutes have passed. To cancel your order within 30 minutes of placing it, log in using your SimpleTire account then navigate to Order History. There you will see your orders and the option to cancel them.

Manufacturer’s warranty policy

SimpleTire extends manufacturer’s warranty coverage to you, the customer, on anything that we sell. This warranty provides quality assurance of the manufacturer’s product and allows for repair or replacement of the product due to defects from materials or workmanship. Select tires might also be backed by an additional warranty, such as a treadwear mileage warranty or free trial period(s), in addition to being covered under a period of time after the date of manufacturer or proof of purchase, whichever one comes first. As with most warranties, this can only be applied to the original tire purchaser, meaning that the warranty is not transferable to any other party.

Like most warranties, conditions out of the manufacturer’s control are not covered. This includes but is not limited to: irregular wear caused by a lack of maintenance or the vehicle, damage from accidents, vandalism, or when driving on a flat, under or overinflating the tires (improper inflation), incorrect application of size and/or specification (the tire used was not the right size of specification for your vehicle), improperly storing your tires, or tires with a special classification (such as “NA” for non-adjustable).

The specifics of each warranty will vary by manufacturer and line, so it is important to check the warranty documents for the tires in question, which can be found on the specific manufacturer’s website. To ask a question about a tire warranty or to submit a tire for warranty consideration, please contact SimpleTire directly via email or phone. You can also work with your local dealer who carries that brand of tire for assistance.