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From all season tires to performance tires, SimpleTire offers a wide range of 19 inch tires meant to complement any driving style or road condition.

The 19 inch wheel has become pretty popular with automotive designers in the last decade or two, with many SUVs, CUVs and sedans using 19s. There’s a pretty great assortment of all season tires in a 19 inch diameter (the industry’s jack-of-all-trades choice) as well as winter, ultra-high-performance, summer and touring tires. So what sort of vehicles roll on 19s, and what kind of tires do they use?

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Check the inside frame of the driver’s side door, inside the glove box door, your driver’s manual, or your tire’s sidewall in order to find your tire size.

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You may also be interested in tire service descriptions which tell you a tire's load limit and speed rating.