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Founded in Britain in the early 1950s, Lotus has a storied history in motorsports that has influenced product development for their production cars. Long known for advances like fiberglass monocoque bodies, overhead-cam V8 engines and backbone chassis, Lotus' small-volume factory has turned out roadsters, spyders, 2+2 Grand Touring models and even sports sedans.

For a Lotus Evora, Continental's ExtremeContact Sport, Falken's Azenis FK510, or Toyo's Proxes Sport are excellent choices for a sporty all-season touring tire. Available until 2011, the Lotus Elise was at its best when paired with ultra-high-performance tires from brands like Continental, Goodyear, and Toyo. Introduced in 2000, the Lotus Exige was discontinued in 2011 but often used all-season or ultra-high-performance tires from best-in-class brands like Continental, General, and Toyo.

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Buying tires online can be a stressful process, but it really doesn't need to be. SimpleTire offers a simple approach to finding the tires that are best for you and your Lotus. Select your Lotus vehicle below, then tell us a few more things such as year and trim level to determine your tie size. From there, we'll show you tires that fit your vehicle and are the best match based on performance characteristics, but you can also look for the best value tires, tires that are on sale or part of a promo, have the longest tread life, and much more.

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