Receive a $70 Visa Prepaid card with the purchase of 4 qualifying passenger Continental Tires. Qualifying lines include: ExtremeContact Sport, ExtremeContact DWS06, TrueContact Tour, VikingContact 7, ContiProContact, ContiSportContact, ContiSportContact 2, ContiSportContact 3, ContiSportContact 5, ContiSportContact 5P, ExtremeContact DW, ProContact GX, ProContact RX, ProContact TX, PureContact LS, SportContact 6, SureContact RX, and WinterContact SI.

Offer Valid 11/1-11/30

Founded in Hanover, Germany in 1871 as a solid rubber carriage and bicycle tire company, Continental released the World's first automobile tire with a patterned tread in 1904. Since then, they've cemented themselves as a World leader and innovator in the automotive and tire industry, as their products are typically used on everything from high-performance sports cars and off-road racing vehicles to family minivans and even tractors. Guide by social trends, Continental strives to make tires and other products that are safe, environmentally friendly, affordable, and that feature a lot of information so that drivers have access to easy mobility and transportation. Whether searching for summer, winter or all-season tires, Continental has something for every need.

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