Our proprietary tire rating system

SimpleScore: Our proprietary rating system for the modern tire buyer

Buying a new set of tires can be a stressful and confusing process, and buying tires online can be even more tedious thanks to a plethora of choices from hundreds of brands. While talking to a technician or sales representative can be helpful, there’s always a concern that you’re being pushed to buy something that you don’t actually need. With so many different options, points of view, prices, and other information to consider, there has to be a way to easily figure out which tires make sense for you and your ride, right? Fortunately, SimpleScore is here to truly make buying tires online simple.

What is SimpleScore?

SimpleScore is SimpleTire’s proprietary rating system that’s designed for the modern tire buyer. To develop SimpleScore, we combined tire manufacturer data and customer reviews into an easy to understand score. From there, our tire experts blend the data together with their industry knowledge to help customers determine how each tire will perform in categories such as:

  • Long lasting
  • Handling
  • Durability
  • Traction

These categories will vary based on the tire’s vehicle application. For example, an all-season tire will focus on long lasting, handling, and traction due to its year-round use in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions. A mud terrain tire, conversely, will focus on long lasting, durability, and traction to highlight the tire’s ability to withstand damage and heavier vehicle weight. After a score is calculated, it’s displayed as one of three options:

Good, which means the tire should perform moderately well and has generally positive feedback Great, which means the tire should perform pretty well and has positive customer feedback Excellent, which means the tire should performance exceptionally well and has highly positive customer feedback

Scores vary from brand to brand, product line to product line, and (in some cases) tire size to tire size, so be sure to closely check the SimpleScore before selecting a tire.

How does our proprietary tire rating system guide your tire buying journey?

SimpleScore functions as both a tire rating system and a tire buying guide, in the sense that the feature both differentiates the many tires that we sell and allows customers to find the best possible tires at their price point. Customers are able to filter by Score on a tire size or vehicle search, or they can quickly glance at the scores of the tires that are displayed in the Top 5, Best Rated, Expert picks, Most popular, Great deals, and any other sections. The choice, then, is up to the customer who can filter further down or select the best tire for their needs from their recommended results.

Where can I find the SimpleScore on SimpleTire?

SimpleScore results page

SimpleScore can be found when searching a tire size or vehicle on Additionally, the score is displayed on the tire’s page. You can easily find SimpleScore by looking for the speedometer within the recommended results.

Like all things, SimpleTire is constantly looking to improve how we do things, and that’s true with SimpleScore as well. While a new feature, the team at SimpleTire is currently working hard to further enhance SimpleScore so that it becomes an easier, better to use tool for our valued customers.