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The Fiesta has been part of the Ford lineup in one form or another since way back in the mid 70s; by 2016, the Fiesta was a stylish and economical five-door hatchback, capable of up to 43 mpg on the highway and powered by a choice of several 4-cyl EcoBoost engines. For the ‘14 model year, the Fiesta was available with S, SE, SEL, SES, Titanium and ST trim levels.

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Best reviewed tires that fit a 2014 Ford Fiesta
Tire Sidetread
out of 5
4.1 (6720)
Efficient Grip
Ford Fiesta 2014 SE
Verified Customer
Jul 16, 2023
Excellent a/s for the price

Excellent tire, only complaint would be slight hydraplaning in heavy rain. Great in light snow, excellent in the corners.

Ford Fiesta 2014 S
Verified Customer
Jul 10, 2023
Not bad tires but not great.

Ford Fiesta 2014 S
Verified Customer
Oct 25, 2021

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