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13 SimpleTire reviews

Ford Mustang 2012 GT Premium
Verified Customer
Oct 16, 2021

BMW M6 Gran Coupe 2018 Base Front
Verified Customer
Apr 6, 2021

Very smooth tires, good all around.

Verified Customer
Sep 19, 2020

Great tire. More than comfortable ride!

Verified Customer
Aug 9, 2020

Great tire for dry conditions. However, perform well during wet weather conditions too.

Verified Customer
Jul 15, 2020

This is the second car that I've had Conti ECS on. The tire is excellent for a Max Performance Street tire. It handles abuse extremely well. This set of tires was on a 2015 Mustang GT with the Performance Package. I performed approximately 20 runs in SWFL heat before I retired the car and the tires did not wear excessively. I could probably do two seasons of autocross on these tires before they were past their service life.

Verified Customer
Jul 5, 2020

So i bought a full set of these for my Camaro when i first got it, 275/40/20 front 315/35/20 rear. Really love these tires they hold up really well, fronts are the same that i put on about 35k miles ago and plenty of life left. Living in Florida i have to deal with alot of rain and these tires do an outstanding job and at not hydroplaning. I run really wide tires and still go full speed when its raining hard. The rears ive had to replace once because of burnouts and racing and ill say they still lasted really well with the abuse. VERY STICKY TIRE. I have broke 3 axles and my rearend in this car while running these tires. Had a set of Nitto NT05Rs for a while same size and they never broke anything. Ive taken these to the drag strip and never had any problems with traction, ive thrown my car into alot of corners with alot of confidence with these tires. 10 out of 10 my favorite tires worth the money if u drive as if the world was your race track. Ps never drove them in a winter colder then like 40° cuz i live in Florida.

Verified Customer
Jun 22, 2020

I have have to say these are some of the best bang for buck summer tires I have tried. They are exceptional all around without any compromise. I love them, while I think the michelin pilot 4 s tires are a tad better on the track for lap after lap. I can not complain at all. You will not be disappointed on the street one bit. After tracking these at some events and daily driving them I'm shocked how well they have held up in performance and tread wear. At the price difference of these over the Michelin pilot 4 s, I must say if you arent really person to use the car at 8/10 limit minimum. You won't notice the difference in this tire for your driving. Save the money and get these tires you wont be disappointed!

Verified Customer
Jul 9, 2019

Good quality tire that sticks like glue to the ground and is fairly quiet,--------but this is more of a track or autox tire than a road tire. Its responsiveness is a little slow going around high speed corners and although this is a fairly quiet tire it picks up on all the small imperfection of the road giving a rough ride when going over the imperfection and sharp bumps. I dont recommend this tire if its used mostly for the road, i wish i had bought a different tire.

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

I purchased my second set of these for a different car approximately a month ago. The previous set was on a 2013 Golf R. The new set is on my 2015 Mustang GT PP. They are replacing a 275/40zr19 square setup and I am really happy. I've gone through a few rain storms here in SWFL and they handle them fantastically. Ride noise is a bit up due to the larger size of the tire, but it isn't terrible. Performance is good, but I haven't had a chance to really push them yet. Straight line traction is very good. First and second used to be a joke, but now it's much more manageable. Sure, dumping the clutch will result in complete traction loss, but modulating the clutch results in no more than some slight slip at the top of first and a chirp into second, that's it.

Verified Customer
Sep 25, 2018

I haven't ever had a tire that holds the road like these do. Going hard around a turn is almost physically painful, because they hold the road so well. They are quiet tires, and are amazing in wet weather! I am near the end of life for these tires. I could likely get about 25,000 miles out of them. That is amazing considering how hard I drive on these. I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

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Get technical:

The ExtremeContact Sport is an ultra-high-performance summer tire that's designed for today's sport coupes and sedans and as a summer tire, offers excellent grip on dry and wet roads along with a 30,000-mile tread life warranty.

Features & Benefits

  • Tread is designed for use in warmer months
  • Black sidewall
  • 30,000-mile manufacturer tread life warranty
  • SportPlus Technology allows for improved grip and precise steering
  • Backed by Continental's Total Confidence Plan which includes Road Hazard, Limited Warranty, Customer Satisfaction Trial, Flat Tire Roadside Assistance, and Mileage Warranty (restrictions and limitations apply)

Looking for a tire that performs as well as your sports sedan? The Continental ExtremeConactSport is designed to give drivers of sport coupes and sedans superior grip on the road during the summer, even during wet weather. Built-in SportPlus Technology helps to boost the tire's grip capabilities, while also improving tread life so that you can stay on the road longer. The ExtremeContact Sport comes with Continental's QuickView Indicator technology so that drivers can be visually alerted to how the tire is wearing down or when the tire needs to be replaced.

Mileage Warranty
30 k
Load Index
1102 lbs (84)
Max Speed
168 MPH (W)
Load Range
Standard (SL)
Wet Traction
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
51 PSI
Part Number
Section Width
Rim Range
Overall Diameter

Have a question about Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires?

No, Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires are not directional. The ExtremeContact Sport features an asymmetrical tread pattern for sporty traction and handling in wet and dry weather, and the tire can be rotated to any position of a sports coupe or sedan.

ExtremeContact Sport tires could be made at Continental's factory in Germany, Portugal, Romania, or the United States.


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