The Truth About Rims and Winter

I know I don’t need to tell you what’s heading our way but I’m going to tell you anyway: frigid cold temperatures, snow, slush, freezing rain, and plenty of ice, making for adventurous winter driving. That means we’re going to need a lot of salt. Sure it does a good job removing that stuff I mentioned earlier, but it also takes quite a toll on your car. Salt combined with moisture speeds up corrosion on your paint job and your wheels. So when your wheels are covered in snow, slush, and salt, by the end of winter you might notice that your rims don’t quite have that bikini body for summer. So how can you take care of your rims in winter?

Keep Your Rims Clean

Proper winter car care means washing and waxing your car and rims regularly can help keep deterioration to a minimum. The more often you wash your rims, the more salt you can remove. In preparing for winter, fall is a perfect time to check out some sealants to beat winter to the punch and prevent damage.

Using a store-bought wheel cleaner, clean each wheel thoroughly with soap and water and let them dry completely. Then use a wheel wax or sealant to help fight against the salt and chemicals used on roads to melt ice and snow. Coatings like this will protect your aluminum, chrome, or alloy wheels from corrosion and oxidation for the cold winter months. Wheel cleaners and coatings are also good to use in summer since brake dust also can be harsh on your rims.

Watch Where You Park

This seems like a no-brainer. Parking in a heated garage might feel like a safe place for your car to help protect it from the elements; however, the moisture from the melting snow and ice reacts with the salt and actually quickens the corrosion process.

Winter Wheel and Tire Packages

Odds are you are either not utilizing a winter wheel assembly, or even winter tires. Don’t freak out, that’s perfectly okay depending on where you live. Tires have made incredible advancements across the board, enabling cars to stick to roads better with each new technological development. So it’s understandable to not want two sets of tires when one set of tires seems to be sufficient.

Benefits of having dedicated winter tires and summer tires with the rims to match:

  • Switching between winter and summer wheels and tires make both sets last longer; while one set is on, the other set isn’t wearing down.
  • Utilizing tires in their intended seasons allow for the ultimate in traction and control.
  • Summer rims stay clean and stylish while winter rims take the brutal cold weather and keep you safer in harsh conditions.

Swapping out wheels when the weather demands it gives your vehicle the ultimate control in cold weather driving. Winter wheel and tire assemblies come mounted and balanced, so installation is quick and easy. Uniquely designed to deliver high performance, safety, and control in winter weather, you can experience the following benefits of wheel tire technology:

Specialized Rubber Compound – Winter tires stay flexible in temps below 45º, helping them grip the road.

Winter-Specific Tread – Aggressive tread designs with deep grooves channel snow for greater stability.

Sipes – Thousands of small slits create biting edges to help maintain traction.

Proven Performance – The mountain and snowflake symbol signifies the highest traction standards.

You deserve the extraordinary power of winter wheels and tires that have been tested and certified to help battle hazardous conditions and freezing temperatures. Check out your local dealership to see if a winter wheel and tire package is suited for you and your winter driving!

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