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How to use a tire pressure gauge

Checking Tire Pressure With a Tire Pressure Gauge
Last updated 11/18/2022 - Originally published 9/22/2020
Written by SimpleTire

You can read a tire pressure gauge by pressing the gauge’s head against the tire valve. For instance, your reading will be 34 PSI if you attach the gauge to your tire and the rod extends to a large 3 and a small 4 then your reading is 34 PSI in a pencil gauge. For a dial gauge, the needle will stop at your PSI reading. For a digital tire pressure gauge, turn it on and and press it against the tire’s nozzle to get an accurate reading.

You can check tire pressure with a gauge by locating the tire valve and firmly pressing the gauge against the valve to get a reading. Make a note of the number that the gauge is providing, and compare it to the recommended tire pressure that can be found on the vehicle’s door jamb or within the owner’s manual.

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