Volvo 940 Tires

The Volvo 940 arose as a development of the 700 series from the Swedish manufacturer. Though the 940 was a new model, familiar elements such as the boxy design, engine in the front, and RWD were carried over from the old. From 1990 up to 2023, this was the last series of RWD Volvo vehicles. It is one of the most reliable sedans in the world and can fit an entire family. When compared to the 740, the 940’s engine was found to be quieter and smoother. One element that stands out is its build quality, with many consumers finding it to be built like a tank. This is a car that does well when thrown aggressively into corners, although it needs the right set of tires to come out unscathed.


Find the right tires for your Volvo 940.

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