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Debuting in 1926, Pontiac was a member of the General Motors Company before it was discontinued in 2010. Pontiac offered everything from family sedans to high-performance cars and is well-known for their muscle cars such as the Trans Am, Firebird, and GTO.

First debuting in 1962, the Pontiac Grand Prix transitioned to a mid-sized car in 1996. Offering coupe and sedan versions, the Grand Prix was discontinued after the 2008 model year and typically used all-season tires from best-in-class brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear, and Nexen.

A mid-sized car, the Pontiac G6 debuted in 2005 and was discontinued in 2010. Used in the Rolex Sports Car Series, the G6 is known for its V8 engine and is at its best when paired with all-season tires from industry leading brands like Bridgestone, Kumho, and Pirelli.

Introduced in 2008, the Pontiac G8 was a rear-wheel drive sedan that replaced the Grand Prix. Combining style and performance, the G8 is frequently paired with all-season or summer tires from brands like Bridgestone, Kumho, or Nexen.

The Pontiac Solstice is a sports car that debuted in 2006. Offering two-door coupe and roadster options, the Solstice was used in racing events before its discontinuation thanks to its high-end performance capabilities, and ultra-high-performance tires from brands like Bridgestone, Nexen, and Yokohama often bring out the best in the Solstice.

A compact car, the Pontiac Vibe debuted in 2003 and was developed in a partnership between General Motors and Toyota. Succeeded by the Chevrolet Cruze and Trax, the Pontiac Vibe gave drivers surprising comfort and space, and typically used all-season tires from brands like Falken, Goodyear, and Michelin.

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Buying tires online can be a stressful process, but it really doesn't need to be. SimpleTire offers a simple approach to finding the tires that are best for you and your Pontiac. Select your Pontiac vehicle below, then tell us a few more things such as year and trim level to determine your tie size. From there, we'll show you tires that fit your vehicle and are the best match based on performance characteristics, but you can also look for the best value tires, tires that are on sale or part of a promo, have the longest tread life, and much more.

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