Plymouth Prowler Tires

The Plymouth Prowler was an oddball styling exercise from the late 90s; Chrysler engineers and stylists were given free rein to come up with a “retro-style” roadster, and the Prowler called to mind Bucket-T hot rods from the 50s with open front wheels, a rakish body style, and a convertible top. This weird 2-seater had plenty of amenities to make it suitable for a daily driver, including air conditioning, upscale audio setup, keyless entry, power accessories, and a comfortable interior, and was available in colors like Inca Gold, Orange Pearl, and Prowler Purple. It was never a big seller, though – it featured the drivetrain from the LH models like the Intrepid so performance was strong but not exactly hot, and the styling was a little too much for most people. The Prowler had a 5-year run and only sold less than 12,000 units during that time.


Find the right tires for your Plymouth Prowler.

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