Mercury Cougar Tires

The Cougar originated way back in 1967 as a more upscale, pricier counterpart to the Ford Mustang. Cougars took a lot of different forms over the years, as it went from being a performance car to a personal luxury coupe more along the lines of the Ford Thunderbird. The eighth (and last) generation of the Cougar was available with a Ford 2.0L Zetec 4-cyl or 2.5L 170 hp Ford Duratec V6 and a choice of manual or automatic transmissions. This last iteration of the Cougar had the distinction of being the first front-wheel-drive model of the car and was also downsized from being a personal luxury coupe to being a 3-door sport compact coupe. The Cougar was discontinued in 2002 and was offered in Base, S, LS, and XR-7 trim levels.


Find the right tires for your Mercury Cougar.

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