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In the late 70s, the Mazda RX-7 shook up the automotive world as the first rotary-powered sports car. The RX-8, introduced in 2003, was the RX-7’s successor; it was a sporty 2+2 that was available in Sport, Touring, Grand Touring, and R3 trim levels. Later versions of the RX-8 were strong performers, with 238 hp and a choice of several drivetrain options. Drivers and the automotive press loved the handling of the RX-8 thanks to its low polar moment of inertia and near-even 50-50 weight distribution. For model year 2008, a 40th anniversary RX-8 was offered with Bilstein shocks, an aerodynamics package, urethane foam injected front frame cross-member for improved steering feedback, blue-light fog lamps, and custom wheels. The model’s mid-cycle refresh in 2008 incorporated improved engine oiling and frame modifications that boosted rigidity and handling. Unfortunately, the RX-8 was discontinued in 2012, partly due to the rotary engine being unable to meet European emissions standards.


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