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A midsize executive sedan, the Lexus ES300 was introduced in 1991 as the second generation of the ES series and lasted four generations before being replaced by the ES330 in 2003. Based on its cousin Toyota Camry, the Lexus ES300 came with a 210 horsepower 3.0-liter V6 engine (300 denotes 3-liter engine), rich and extremely comfortable interiors, top-notch materials, wood-and-leather steering wheel, and a solid safety shell with many active and passive safety gizmos. The performance of a car can’t be defined only by the engine; it's the tires that make sure the claim of auto companies turns into reality. You need the right set of tires to enjoy your ES300 drive to its fullest. Based on SimpleScore, here are the best Lexus ES300 tires on the market today.


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