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Chevrolet’s S-10 compact pickup was introduced in the early 80s; its GMC counterpart was first known as the S-15 and later as the Sonoma. S-10 and Sonoma trucks soon got the reputation for being tough, hardworking vehicles; they were available with a 4WD setup and performance editions that included the Sonoma GT and the Syclone, which was powered by a turbo 4.3L V6 that put out an amazing 280 hp for some real oomph. The Sonoma went through two generations, with 2nd-gen models available with extended cab or 4-door body styles. 2nd-gen Sonomas were also available with full off-road packages; the ZR2 package included an upgraded suspension with Bilstein shocks, a tougher differential, taller ground clearance, bigger wheels and tires, a ladder-type frame, and larger wheel and axle bearings. The Sonoma was available in S, SL, SLE, SLT, and GT trim levels before it was discontinued in 2002; it was succeeded in the GMC/Chevrolet lineup by the Colorado pickup.


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