Ford Festiva Tires

The Ford Festiva was a reliable and economical passenger car imported by the Ford Motor Company for first-time buyers in the mid-1980s. It is a practical subcompact car that was manufactured and designed by the Japanese auto company Mazda, showcasing many styling and mechanical aspects of the Mazda 121. By 1987, a North American version of this vehicle was also built by Kia and sold in Korean markets. Despite being bare bones, this car provides a light go-kart-like feel, making it easy to drive and dart in and out of corners. As is understandable, it turned out to be a boon in tight urban spaces due to its tight turning radius while being affordable to run and being used for running errands, picking up friends, and anything else. While the base models received unpainted bumpers, higher-spec models like the LX featured bumpers in monochrome colors. Whatever features the Festiva lacked, it made up in terms of phenomenal fuel economy.


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