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Since 235/65R18 is a huge tire size, bigger vehicles such as CUVs, light trucks, and SUVs may be fitted with them. These can also be categorized as tires that enhance the aesthetic appeal and allow heavy vehicles to showcase their capabilities. It is a good idea to install UHP and UHP all-season tires on them since handling is a priority, though even owners of light trucks who are looking for good performance can do so. Our job at SimpleTire is to ensure that the process of purchasing tires is easy for you, with the help of suitable literature that provides detailed information for an intelligent choice each time. We go through our entire inventory to select only the best 235/65R18 tires for you. It is here that our revolutionary SimpleScore system is used to help you compare the value of one tire to another. The system enables us to assign reliable scores to metrics like traction, handling, and longevity. Apart from these, the overall average SimpleScore is also a reliable indicator as per tire usage frequency.