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Studded Snow & Winter Tires for Winter Weather Driving

Driving in winter weather environments can be quite stressful. The chances of an accident increase greatly due to snow and ice on the roads. When considering the fact that roadways have to be shared by many drivers, and not every driver necessarily knows how to drive safely in such conditions, it makes sense to desire the safest vehicle possible. One way to bolster safety on snowy and icy roadways is with studded snow tires. These tires can be exchanged for a high performance, summer, touring, or all-season tire, and kept for use during the harsh winter months. If used properly, they can last for several winter seasons.

What Are Studded Snow Tires?

Just as the name suggests, studded snow tires are tires that are designed for use in snow thanks to studs. These tires are most often constructed of a softer rubber compound while boasting metal studs. These studs protrude from the tread lugs and can be constructed in a variety of patterns. The tread patterns are also designed to work efficiently on snow-covered roadways, icy roadways, and in wet, slushy environments that can present unsuspected hazards. Studded snow tires are manufactured by several premium tire brands and are available at various price points, depending on size and tire design.

When Is It Necessary to Use Studded Snow Tires?

Unlike driving with chains, studded snow tires can be used throughout the winter season. That being said, these are not tires that you would want to incorporate into daily driving if your town only experiences occasional snow or ice. Studded snow tires are best applied in environments that experience snow on a regular basis where many roads are left snow-covered. Many states have laws regarding snow tires like when they can be used and a specific date in which they need to be removed and replaced with an all-season, performance, or touring tire.

Studded snow tires are common in North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Northeastern states such as Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. They're also used during the snow season in high altitude regions of the United States such as Colorado, Arizona, and California. Studded snow tires will not offer the same traction capability of tires with chains; however, they can be driven at higher speeds making them far more versatile in winter weather environments. The metal studs are able to give you good traction in snow and ice, increasing braking, and maneuvering capability.

Where to Buy Studded Snow Tires?

While there are many tire shops and tire technicians located throughout the United States, for specialized tire needs and the best quality service for your vehicle make and model, SimpleTire.com recommends consulting with a dealership.

In terms of tires, price points will be comparable to what other shops offer, and for needs such studded snow tires, dealer technicians will be better able to give you the right advice for your needs. They know your car, and because they're in your area, they're familiar with your local driving conditions. They'll be able to suggest the appropriate season for driving with them, as well as introduce you to the brands and styles that will work best for your local streets and highways.

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