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General Grabber HTS60 Tire Review

Last updated 10/18/2022 - Originally published 10/18/2022
Written by SimpleTire

Coming from the house of Continental, General Tire is a century-old tire maker that has mastered the art of designing hit product lines over the years. Beginning as a company that made semi-truck tires, the American tire manufacturer has come a long way to producing passenger, CUV, SUV, and Light truck tires. Promising excellent performance year-round, the General Grabber HTS60 is a highway terrain, all-season tire that comes with state-of-the-art technologies making it run quiet, comfortable, and longer. But do these technologies actually enhance performance on-road? We find out in this General Grabber HTS60 review.

Features and Benefits

All-season tires are built to provide excellent traction in hot, cold, and wet conditions. They work equally well in dealing with light snow. Meant to be driven primarily on paved roads, the General Grabber HTS60 comes with a host of innovative technologies that aid in delivering exceptional results: The Grabber HTS60 features General’s DuraGen technology which includes a high-strength construction that enhances cut and chip resistance coming from potholes, debris, and rough roads. The tread’s rubber is optimized in such a fashion that it negates chances of abrasion, cuts, and chips and enables the tire to handle rough roads with authority while boosting tread life.

StabiliTread technology improves the stability and also allows for an increased footprint on the road. More contact with the road enhances grip and inspires confidence in the driver and, at the same time, makes the tire a better handler. This technology puts less pressure on the tread, which helps the tire last longer than regular ones – 25% more than Grabber HTS as claimed by General Tire.

Comfort Balance technology in the Grabber HTS60 absorbs road noise and delivers a quiet, comfortable, and cushioning in-cabin experience to the occupants. It also aids in even wearing of the tire and prolongs its service life. Be it wet or dry roads, the Grabber HTS60 offers excellent braking and responsive handling courtesy of optimized tread pattern and special rubber compounds. Available in 15 to 22-inch tire sizes, the General Grabber HTS60 offers a remarkable limited manufacturer tread life warranty of 65,000 miles for the S and T-rated sizes and 50,000 miles for the H-rated and LT-metric sizes.

Pros and Cons

So, should you go for General Grabber HTS60 or look elsewhere? Let’s first drill down its positives and negatives before putting our view in the end.

  • The tire offers impressive grip and traction on dry and wet roads thanks to its optimized tread pattern.
  • Peace of mind as it comes with the manufacturer warranty of up to 65,000 miles
  • Noise-free ride quality
  • Patented technologies for improved comfort, responsive handling, and durability

While General makes a good claim about Grabber HTS60’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

  • It comes in many sizes but some are pricier than its peers
  • Although it has an off-road element, it is not suitable for frequent use on off-road terrains

SimpleTire’s view on General Grabber HTS60 tires

If you are looking forward to buying a capable all-season tire for a light truck or SUV, the General Grabber HTS60 is certainly among the frontrunners here. Barring a few sizes, it’s a value-for-money deal as it offers longer wear, a quiet ride, responsive handling, and above all, the option of regular on-road and occasional off-road driving. In comparison to Firestone Destination LE3 and Hankook Dynapro HT (RH12), the Grabber HTS60 is similarly priced in most tire sizes and seems to be a better option among the trio.

General Grabber HTS60 Ratings and Reviews

Mark Verified Customer

Initial ordering and delivery was very good. Tires arrived early ahead of expected date. After the tires were mounted and balanced, we had problems with one of the tires being out of round. I contacted Simple Tire and provided them with documentation from the local shop on problem. Within a few days I had a new replacement tire. I have had no problems with tires since then. Too early to tell how the tires will wear. I will be running winter tires in the winter due to location of my home on dirt road so winter traction was not consideration in purchase.

Robert Verified Customer

This is my first driving experience with General Tires. I have driven my Ford F-150 approximately 1500 miles since they were mounted, so it's a bit early to know how they will hold up. So far, though, I am very well pleased with how my truck drives and handles. I know General Tire is an old line company dating back to the early 20th Century, and I remember my dad, who was a car dealer, mention that General Tires were renown for their quality so I am confident I will not be disappointed with these tires.

Paul Verified Customer

This is a surprisingly good handling tire, very smooth and quiet... this is my second set... The first lasted about 60,000 miles plus.. They are great under heavy loads and towing.. the handling characteristic has made my old truck very quick and agile..

Vehicles the General Grabber HTS60 is an OEM tire for

Commonly used on light trucks and SUVs, the Grabber HTS60 is used as Original Equipment on the 2021 Ford F-150 Limited and 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Custom.

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