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Tire test centers & tire testing standards

Tires are more complex than you may think. They're made from many different parts utilizing advanced technology. Tires are designed by highly qualified engineers, manufactured based on strict standards, and then put to the test at a variety of tire test centers before being released for sale.

What Are Tire Test Centers?

Few people realize just how many different types of tires exist. To better understand why there are so many tires needed, it helps to first know a little bit more about tire design and construction.

Many people are familiar with or have heard of radial tires. These are the most commonly used tires on passenger cars and trucks. Fewer people are familiar with bias tires, which to the untrained eye look similar to radial tires, yet possess very different inner workings. These are just two of the many different types of tires on the market today.

Because of their materials, designs, and construction, different types of tires operate particularly well for different purposes and on different kinds of vehicles. For example, radial tires possess layers that run perpendicular to the tread. These plies are combinations of rubber, steel, nylon, and other sturdy, lightweight materials.

In addition to the differences in construction, these tires can possess different widths, tread patterns, and performance capabilities. All of these factors make them excellent for use on passenger vehicles. Each tire component affects performance, and that's why so many thorough tests must be conducted to develop the safest, best tires possible.

Once a tire has been constructed, it's put through an exhaustive series of tests. These tests are performed at tire test centers. Tire test centers may be owned and operated by the tire manufacturer, third parties, or government entities.

The top manufacturers generally put their tires through a series of tests in all three kinds of tire test centers. This ensures premium quality and DOT (Department of Transportation) approval. In addition to independent testing facilities hired by manufacturers, there are publications that specialize in automotive performance. From their tests, these publications develop ratings and reviews of the tires offered to the public.

The Versatility of Tire Test Centers

Tire test centers are capable of testing a variety of tire functions, from treadwear to rolling resistance. Tires are tested for braking capability, longevity, high-performance capability, and winter and inclement weather performance, among other things.

Tire test centers exist in several states throughout the U.S. so that the tires can be tested on different road surfaces under a variety of different conditions. This is to ensure that tires are tested under the various conditions that they're bound to face once they're fitted onto a vehicle. The end result is tires that you can count on for safety, comfort, and performanc

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