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Tires have taken long strides forward in recent years through innovative engineering and technology. Every aspect from the compounds they’re made of to using them in the most extreme driving conditions imaginable have been tested and re-tested to produce the best possible tires for your driving experience.

Mechanic Pointing to Tread Wear Indicator on Tire Tread

Tire Tread Wear Bar Indicator Explained

Tire wear bars will help determine your tire's condition. Learn more about how they act as a tread wear indicators as well as why your tread depth matters and additional ways you can test your tread depth.

Someone stole (or broke into) your car - now what?

Learn more about what to do if or when someone breaks into your car.

Tire Tread Patterns: Your Ultimate Guide from Car to SUV

Tire tread is much more than what you look at to see if you need a new set of tires. Here’s your official guide to everything about tire treads.

Disposal & recycling of scrap tires

Scrap tires are used for a wide variety of purposes and functions. Learn all about recycling old tires with the best tips from SimpleTire.com.

SimpleTire's glossary of tire terms

The SimpleTire.com Tire Dictionary is a glossary of all the tire terms and tire definitions you could dream of including terms related to both the construction and performance of tires.

How to Recycle Tires

Learn everything you need to know about recycling tires, including where to recycle them and how they're recycled.

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