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3 reasons why tires cost so much

Last updated 2/09/2022 - Originally published 9/28/2020
Written by SimpleTire

I hear this question all of the time. Totally understandable. I won’t patronize you by telling you that they aren’t expensive (although they are actually the least expensive cost of your vehicle’s operations). No, we here at SimpleTire believe in keeping things real. So here’s why tires cost what they do.

1. Tires Are Technological Miracles

Maybe miracles is a strong word (I liked the dramatic ring), but the technology that goes into a tire is serious stuff. We post articles about it all the time. Have you ever seen the inside of a tire? Once I did, my whole perspective changed. Inside of a tire are multiple layers of various materials, all scientifically advanced to achieve certain attributes. Below is a very basic image of the key points. Each layer from the tread to the casing and everything in between consists of multiple layers, all squished down to be as thin as possible. Yokohama actually has a great graphic designed to explain a tire’s construction. Check it out here. Not all tires are the same just like not all cars are the same, which is actually my second point.

2. More Advanced Vehicles Need More Advanced Tires

Those of you driving luxury vehicles will note that your tires are more expensive than those driving economy ones. The driving prowess of higher-end cars (at least in theory) is more advanced. This isn’t a secret. When we buy a vehicle, we weigh priorities like safety, amenities, driving style and, yes, status. Tires support all of that so it makes sense that a more advanced ride will need a more advanced tire to help keep it that way.

3. Not All Tire Manufacturers Are the Same

Not all tire manufacturers have met the quality standards required to create original equipment tires. Only certain manufacturers — the only brands SimpleTire sells — work directly with the automakers to ensure their tires are of the highest quality. These tire manufacturers pour billions of dollars into research and development to ensure their tire is safe, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable.

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