Page 7:Tire Maintenance & Safety

Whether you are a seasoned driver and tire expert, or just learning to drive for the first time, there is always something new to learn about proper tire maintenance and safety. Do you know when it's time to get rid of an old tire, or the early warning signs of a flat tire?

Caring for new tires

Learn how to care for your new tires to maximize their lifespan.

How to inspect tire sidewall & tread

Learn how to inspect your tire sidewalls and treads in order to maintain healthy tires. Tire maintenance at regular intervals will help you get maximum tire mileage.

Tire sidewall: Overview & maintenance

The tire sidewall is responsible for keeping your tire intact. Learn more about what the tire sidewall is, how to maintain it and how to handle it if damaged.

Radial tire construction: Overview & maintenance

The tire radial type of tire construction is a popular choice as it offers a lot of benefits. Get more information about those benefits and growth of tire radials as well as how best to maintain them at

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