Toyo Open Country M/T vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires

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Toyo and Maxxis are known for their high-quality and value-offering tires and have a huge fan-following in the American tire market. While Toyo was established in 1945 in Japan, Maxxis is a Taiwan-based tire manufacturer established in 1967. Both manufacturers cater to the needs of different vehicle segments, and their Open Country M/T and Razr MT-772 tires are two great mud-terrain tires used on light trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

Both of these tire brands leave no stone unturned in making their tires highly efficient in performing in challenging off-road conditions like mud, sand, gravel, dirt, and rocks with the use of advanced technologies and features. These tires are built for an aggressive performance and are also optimized for solid durability, traction performance, and durability.

But, if you’re an off-road enthusiast and want a set of mud-terrain tires that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet and also doesn’t disappoint with performance, then you must go through this Toyo Open Country M/T vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires comparison till the end, wherein we have analyzed these tires using our SimpleScore.

Toyo Open Country M/T tires

The Toyo Open Country M/T mud-terrain tire, as mentioned above, is suitable for use on SUVs, Jeeps, and pickup trucks. The tire assures maximum off-road traction and offers solid durability, longer tread life, and year-round traction. Additionally, the tire also sports many advanced features and technologies that contribute to improving off-road handling, increasing grip on wet surfaces, and providing confident mud and snow performance.

Overall, the Open Country M/T tires score an excellent 9.3 SimpleScore rating because of their outstanding traction performance, exceptional durability, and longer tread life.

Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires

The Maxxis Razr MT-772 is also a great mud-terrain tire that comes with many great abilities. Along with dependable off-road performance, the tire is also optimized for on-road performance, which makes it a versatile choice in the range of mud-terrain tires. The tire is made tough and durable and also provides solid traction performance in off-road conditions. When used on-road, the Razr MT-772 tires assure a more pleasant driving experience than many other mud-terrain as its tread is engineered to absorb tread noise. Maximum tear and chip resistance, increased puncture resistance, improved sidewall traction, and solid durability are the key highlights of this tire.

Overall, the Razr MT-772 tires score a great 8.3 SimpleScore rating, thanks to their long-lasting tread life, solid durability, and reliable traction performance.

Toyo Open Country M/T vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on traction

A mud-terrain tire must offer good traction as the vehicles it is typically used on are intended to cross the most challenging terrains. When we compared both tires, we found that there was a big gap in the traction performance of both tires.

To start with the Toyo Open Country M/T, the tire scores a whopping 9.8 SimpleScore rating in traction, which indicates that it is remarkably engineered and designed to serve the purpose it is intended for. Its aggressive tread design with hook-shaped blocks improves off-road traction and also provides good performance on paved roads. While the deep siping in the tread blocks enhances wet grip, the open, scalloped shoulder blocks improve off-road traction and enhance grip in muddy, snowy, and sandy off-road conditions, alongside ejecting snow for better contact in light wintry conditions.

Contrarily, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 scores an 8.3 SimpleScore rating in traction and boasts a new-gen pattern design that features deeply sculptured center blocks for increased off-road traction and a quieter ride. The armor sidewall design of the tire also helps in increasing sidewall traction, which is very essential especially when you’re adventuring in deep mud and other challenging terrains. Additionally, the bigger gaps between the tread blocks increase the tire’s biting ability and also facilitate optimum self-cleaning for consistent surefootedness off the road.

While both mud-terrain tires are capable of providing solid traction performance, it is the Open Country M/T that leads by a huge margin.

ADVANTAGE: Open Country M/T

Toyo Open Country M/T vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on durability

To withstand the harshest of impacts and off-road pressures, a mud-terrain tire must be strong and durable, and that’s why we also analyzed both, the Open Country Tires and Razr tires based on their durability SimpleScores.

With an outstanding 9.4 out of 10 SimpleScore in durability, the Open Country M/T proves that it is built strong and can withstand off-roading pressures and impacts. It features a high turn-up, tough polyester construction that gives the tire adequate strength to resist impacts and perform in rough terrain conditions. The inner construction of the Open Country M/T is tuned to act as a robust skeleton, while the solid rubber compound provides a reinforced outer layer of additional protection.

On the other hand, the Razr MT-772 secures an 8.3 SimpleScore in durability, providing a good amount of strength for off-road driving and on-road performance. Thanks to the new off-road compound, the tire is guarded with maximum tear and chip resistance. Its innovative armor sidewall design ensures puncture resistance, while the dual-core body-ply technology assures additional casing strength for solid durability and toughness. Additionally, the tread blocks of the Razr MT-772 mud-terrain tires also provide an extra shield of protection during off-road expeditions.

No doubt, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 is great when it comes to durability, but the Open Country M/T is much better with a SimpleScore rating.

ADVANTAGE: Open Country M/T

Toyo Open Country M/T vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on longevity

A tire that wears faster isn’t anybody’s favorite and the same rule applies to mud-terrain tires. They are used in rough conditions and if they wear faster, they could be the best choices of the enthusiasts. While we tried to check for the longevity standards of both Toyo and Maxxis tires, we found that the results were unexpected and interesting.

The Open Country M/T got an 8.8 SimpleScore rating in longevity, which means the tire is good enough to serve for a longer period and wears slowly. Its tough polyester construction and solid rubber compound slow down the wear rate and the wider footprint prevents uneven wear. The sidewall features scalloped shoulder blocks that protect the tire from damage and also help the tire hold its original shape to avoid the chances of irregular wear.

On the other hand, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 scores a higher 9.0 SimpleScore on the longevity front, assuring the buyers that it will last longer than the competitor. Its dual-core body-ply technology and reinforced rubber compound control tread wear for an extended use and the armor sidewall resists punctures and damages, further contributing to the longevity factor. The off-road compound of the tire features new chemical fillers for increased tread life and tear resistance. Additionally, this tire, unlike its competitor, comes with a 40,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty, assuring the buyers that the tire is intended for a longer service.

When we compared these tires, we found that the Open Country M/T was great on the longevity front, but the Maxxis Razr MT-772 proved to be a better choice than the former with better features, higher SimpleScore, and a tread life warranty.


When to use each

Both, the Open Country tires and the Razr MT-772 tires are made for aggressive off-roading and are intended for use in mud, dirt, gravel, sand, and rocks. While the Open Country M/T is more dedicated to off-road driving and will be loved by enthusiasts, the Razr MT-772 is also DOT-approved for road use. While none of these tires is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, and shouldn’t be used in temperatures less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit on thick snow or ice, the Open Country M/T can be used in milder snowy conditions.

The Toyo mud-terrain tires are offered in 15- to 26-inch rims, being compatible with Jeeps, SUVs, or light trucks with bigger wheels. On the other hand, the Razr MT-772 is available in 15- to 22-inch rim sizes.

Which one should you choose?

Let’s now discuss, which of the two tires should you choose.

While comparing the overall scores, we found that the Toyo Open Country M/T scored higher than the Maxxis Razr MT-772 (9.3 vs 8.3). However, both the tires discussed in this comparison are slightly different in one or the other area, and therefore, you should select the tire based on your driving preference, budget, on-road use of mud-terrain tires, and inclination towards aspects like durability, longevity, and traction.

When it comes to price, the Open Country M/T is available at a starting price of at least $241.61 per tire, whereas the Razr MT-772 is available at a starting price of at least $216.96 per tire. This means, a set of four Open Country tires will cost you at least $966.44, while a set of four Razr MT-772 tires will cost you at least $867.84.

Looking at the SimpleScore details, you should consider the Open Country M/T if you:

  • Drive a full-size pickup truck like the GMC Sierra 1500, an off-roader like the Jeep Wrangler, or a light-duty pickup truck like the Ford F-150.
  • Need a tire that offers better traction (9.8 vs 7.9 in traction).
  • Need a tire that’s more durable (9.4 vs 8.2 in durability).
  • Need a tire that can also tackle milder snowy off-road conditions.
  • Are comfortable paying extra to buy a better tire.
  • Need a tire that’s also available in bigger rim sizes of up to 26-inch.

On the other hand, you should choose the Razr MT-772 if you:

  • Drive a mid-size off-road truck like the Jeep Gladiator, a full-size pickup truck like the Toyota Tundra, or a heavy-duty pickup truck like the Ford F-350.
  • Need a long-lasting tire (7.8 vs 7.3 in longevity).
  • Need an off-road tire that’s affordable.
  • Want a mud-terrain tire that’s DOT-approved for on-road use
  • Need a mud-terrain tire that’s available in 15- to 22-inch rim sizes.
  • Need an affordable tire.
  • Need a quieter tire.

The Open Country M/T vs Razr MT-772 tires comparison looks very close when we take things like SimpleScores for longevity, durability, and traction into consideration. Likewise, the vehicle compatibility of these tires is somewhat similar. But, before buying either of these tires give a thought to things like:

  • What’s your vehicle type?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do you need tires more for off-road use or do you want off-road tires to have on-road compatibility as well?
  • What’s your preference in the areas like durability, traction, longevity, and light snow performance?

Still not sure which tire to buy? Fortunately, SimpleTire is here to help as our helpful agents are more than happy to assist you in selecting the right tire for your ride and budget.

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