Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Firestone Destination M/T2 tires

Last updated 7/03/2024 - Originally published 7/03/2024
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Pirelli and Firestone are the two highly reputed tire brands that are known for their high-quality tires that deliver exceptional performance. While the Italy-based Pirelli has a legacy of over 150 years, the Akron Ohio-based Firestone’s incorporation dates back to 1900. Both tire brands dominate in the passenger vehicle segment and the off-road tire segment is the area wherein Pirelli isn’t as recognized as Firestone but is bringing some very impressive tires that can double the off-road joy for the enthusiasts.

However, the Scorpion MTR tires and the Destination M/T2 tires are the two very promising mud-terrain tires from these manufacturers that compete against each other and even challenge many of the high-rated off-roading tires in the country. These tires are designed and engineered to perform on the toughest terrains like mud, sand, gravel, rocks, and dirt and are suitable for use on SUVs, Jeeps, and pickup trucks. Both, Pirelli and Firestone have used the best of their technologies to make their mud-terrain tires perform exceptionally well in challenging off-road conditions. But, which one out of the two is the right choice for your driving needs?

To find this out, here’s our detailed Scorpion MTR vs Destination M/T2 tires comparison that uncovers where each tire stands in terms of traction, durability, and longevity based on their SimpleScore.

Pirelli Scorpion MTR tires

The Pirelli Scorpion MTR is the manufacturer’s highly capable mud-terrain tire that’s justified to be of 80% use on off-road conditions and 20% use on paved roads. The tire offers enthusiasts the convenience of driving in different off-road conditions, including roads, and sports a self-cleaning and aggressive tread that contributes to solid off-road traction and grip. The Scorpion MTR is built tough and is also optimized for better stability. Additionally, optimum traction performance and damage resistance are two of its key highlights.

Overall, the Scorpion MTR scores a great 8.4 out of 10 SimpleScore rating, thanks to its outstanding traction performance, exceptional on- and off-road handling, and decent tread life.

Firestone Destination M/T2 tires

The Firestone Destination M/T2 is also a breathtaking choice that off-road enthusiasts would love to use in nearly any off-road environment. The tire features an aggressive tread pattern that’s optimized for mud and stone rejection and can also be used in snowy off-road conditions by pinning with studs that provide it with 20% more biting edges. Additionally, it also comes with features like a debris shield for optimum damage resistance.

Overall, the Destination M/T2 scores overall 8.3 SimpleScore rating because of its better traction performance, confident handling, and longer tread life.

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Firestone Destination M/T2 tires on traction

Let’s start the analysis of this tire with a review of traction-related features and SimpleScores. For any mud-terrain tire, traction is one of the important factors as it relates to the tire’s biting ability in different terrains and maintains surefootedness for better torque and wheel rolling performance. While comparing the scores of the Pirelli and Firestone tires, we found there was a significant gap.

Let’s start with the Pirelli Scorpion MTR which has an excellent traction SimpleScore of 9.6, representing the tire’s class-leading traction performance on different challenging conditions. The self-cleaning tread pattern of the Scorpion MTR maintains the required biting ability of the tire for increased grip, traction, and surefootedness in varying off-road environments. The lateral traversal grooves and rugged tread compound improve the tire’s grip in slick and muddy conditions and also ensure solid traction performance on slopes. The Scorpion MTR’s aggressive tread design allows it to run with increased traction in rocks, boulders, sand, mud, snow, and dirt.

On the other hand, the Destination M/T2 secures an 8.4 SimpleScore rating in traction and features an aggressive tread pattern with attack angles to keep the vehicle grounded while off-roading. Its mud and stone rejector technology and 3-ply sidewall construction with multiple edges further boost traction performance while driving in rough conditions. The tire sports 20% more biting edges for rugged off-road traction in wet and muddy conditions, and for extra traction in snow, the tread can be pinned with optional studs.

No doubt, both tires offer great traction performance, but the Scorpion MTR performs better than the Destination M/T2 with a higher SimpleScore rating and an array of traction-focused features.

ADVANTAGE: Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Firestone Destination M/T2 tires on durability

Durability is another important factor when it comes to buying mud-terrain tires as it relates to the tire’s ability to withstand off-road impacts and driving pressures. When we compared the durability standards of these tires, we found a significant gap between the scores.

The Scorpion MTR scores a whopping 9.2 SimpleScore rating in durability, which means the tire has impressive resistance against driving pressures and off-roading impacts. This Pirelli mud-terrain tire has a super tough sidewall that guards the tire for extra protection. Likewise, the rubber layer around the bead also boosts the tire’s strength. The tread blocks of the Scorpion MTR are also robust and muscular enough to prevent the tire from cuts, chips, and tears during off-road adventures.

On the contrary, the Destination M/T2 is slightly behind with a durability SimpleScore of 8.3. That being said, the tire still has many great features that make it a worth-considering choice in the mud-terrain tire category. The tread compound of this tire is strong enough to absorb the off-road driving pressures, vibrations, and impacts, and similarly, its 3-ply sidewall construction is sturdy enough to provide stronger resistance to chips and tears. For additional durability, the Destination M/T2 also sports aggressive upper lugs. The debris shield is another great feature of the tire that prevents trail debris from wedging between the wheel and the tire and protects from unwanted damage or pressure loss.

While both tires are built tough, the Scorpion MTR is better than the Destination M/T2 on the durability front.

ADVANTAGE: Pirelli Scorpion MTR

Pirelli Scorpion MTR vs Firestone Destination M/T2 tires on longevity

Long-lasting is another important purchase factor not only in the case of mud terrains but even when you are buying a standard tire for daily commuting. When analyzing the longevity scores of these two mud-terrain tires, we found that there was an interesting flip.

The Scorpion MTR scored a 7.6 SimpleScore rating in longevity, which is although not on the negative side but still isn’t as good as its peer. However, the tire has many noteworthy features that contribute to an extended service life. There is a tough layer of rubber around the bead that slows down the wear rate. The flat footprint of the tire prevents from irregular wear, ensuring optimal even wear. Additionally, the tough sidewall keeps the tire in its original shape, which supports in distribution of the driving pressures evenly.

On the other hand, the Destination M/T2 secures a comparatively higher 8.2 SimpleScore rating in longevity. Features like tough rubber compound, 3-ply sidewall, and aggressive upper lugs promote longevity. The mud and stone rejector technology also guards the tire for longer use by clearing debris and sharper rocks that damage the tread in the long run. Similar to the Scorpion tires, the Destination tires also feature a flat footprint that evenly distributes driving pressures and off-road impacts for a long-lasting service.

When we put both tires against each other, it was the Destination M/T2 that dominated the longevity space, leaving behind the Scorpion MTR.

ADVANTAGE: Firestone Destination M/T2

When to use each

The Scorpion MTR and the Destination M/T2 are designed and built for extreme off-road driving. These tires are good for use on mud, rocks, sand, dirt, and gravel. The key difference between the two is that the Scorpion tires can serve not only in off-road conditions but also on paved roads. However, the Destination M/T2 isn’t as good as the Scorpion MTR for on-road driving but comes with the additional ability to be pinned with studs to achieve extra traction in snowy and icy conditions. That being said, these tires aren’t Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, and therefore, shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 45 degrees in extreme wintry conditions.

The Scorpion MTR tires are available in 16- and 17-inch rim choices, while the Destination M/T2 is offered in 15- to 22-inch rim sizes. This means the Scorpion MTR might not be as compatible with the off-road specific vehicles on the market as the Destination M/T2.

Which one should you choose?

When we compared the overall scores of both tires, we found that the Pirelli Scorpion MTR was slightly better than the Firestone Destination M/T2 (8.4 vs 8.3 overall SimpleScore rating). But, both tires are different in one or the other area, and your purchase decision should be based on considering these differences.

As far as the prices are concerned, the Scorpion MTR tire is available at a starting price of at least $222.97 per tire, while the Destination M/T2 tire is available at a starting price of at least $233.99 per tire. This means, a set of four Scorpion tires will cost you at least $891.88, while a set of four Destination tires will cost you at least $935.96.

Based on the above details, you must consider the Scorpion MTR if you:

  • Drive a three-quarter-ton truck like the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, a heavy-duty pickup truck like the Ford F-350, or a mid-size pickup truck like the Jeep Gladiator.
  • Want a tire that has better traction (9.6 vs 8.4 in traction).
  • Want a tire that’s more durable (9.2 vs 8.3 in durability).
  • Want a tire that’s not only good at off-roading but can also be used on-road.
  • Need a better tire at a lesser price.
  • Need a tire that can be used on vehicles having 16- and 17-inch rims.

On the other hand, you must prefer the Destination M/T2 if you:

  • Drive an off-road SUV like the Jeep Wrangler, a compact SUV like the Ford Bronco, or a big-sized pickup truck like the RAM 2500.
  • Want a tire that offers a longer service life (8.2 vs 7.6 in longevity)
  • Want a tire that’s capable of offering extra traction in snowy conditions
  • Are comfortable paying extra
  • Need a tire that’s more appealing and comes in Outlined White Letter (OWL) choices
  • Want an off-road specific tire that can be used on vehicles having 15- to 22-inch rim sizes

After checking out the above details, the comparison of Scorpion MTR vs Destination M/T2 tires looks completely justified. One or the other tire in this comparison dominates its peer and even their SimpleScores are for longevity, traction, and durability indicating that they are two of the closest rivals in the mud-terrain segment. However, your decision to buy a tire would largely depend on how and where you drive, your budget, and your preference of choosing an on-road compatible mud-terrain tire or a snow-compatible MT tire. Likewise, the selection of a tire would also depend a lot on your expectations from a tire in areas like longevity, durability, and traction.

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