Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires

Last updated 7/05/2024 - Originally published 7/05/2024
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Mud-terrain are specifically engineered for off-road adventures, excelling in challenging conditions like mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rocky terrain. You will notice these tires with an aggressive tread design that provides optimal traction and allows drivers to conquer even the slipperiest surfaces. Additionally, they feature reinforced sidewalls that are crucial for preventing damage during rugged off-road driving.

Commonly used on light trucks, jeeps, and SUVs, mud-terrain tires are designed to withstand harsh environments. Their unique tread patterns and exceptionally durable sidewalls ensure reliable performance, even when the tires are deflated for better traction. Among the top manufacturers of mud-terrain tires, Nexen and Maxxis stand out as reliable choices for adventurous drivers.

Both of these tires are built with an aggressive tread pattern that delivers solid traction and superior vehicle durability. Both tires help conquer rocks, dirt, mud, and even snow, and reinforce sidewalls that are meant to withstand damage from off-road driving. Also, these tires come with self-cleaning capabilities and are equipped to release compacted mud from the tread as you drive so that you never lose traction. Both of these tires are meant for use on light trucks and SUVs. While both tires offer great performance, one has to be better than the other, right? Let’s compare Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires using SimpleScore to show where each tire excels and which one might be right for you.

Nexen Roadian MTX tires

The Nexen Roadian MTX is designed for use on light trucks and SUVs and offers drivers strong traction on- and off-road, added durability, and a quiet ride. The great features of this tire showcase a 3-ply design for added durability and hauling capabilities. You also see an aggressive tread pattern for improved traction on- and off-road the Roadian MTX provides a quiet ride on the highway thanks to a patented tread block design that reduces road noises.

The Roadian MTX also features a dual sidewall design that lets drivers choose the look that best matches their ride. This tire boasts a great average SimpleScore of 8.2. As a mud-terrain, this tire boasts a durability, longevity, and traction score of 8.2, 8.5, and 8.1 respectively.

Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires

Mud-terrain tires are a natural fit for vehicles that are built to perform on- and off-road. The Maxxis Razr MT-772 is a mud-terrain tire designed for use on Jeeps, light trucks, and SUVs. Backed by a 40,000 mile limited warranty, the Razr MT-772's sidewall design maximizes traction and puncture resistance, while its deeply sculpted center blocks maximize off-road traction and performance.

This tire has an impressive average SimpleScore of 8.3, with an 8.2 rating for durability, a 9 rating for longevity, and a 7.9 rating for traction.

Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on traction

Traction plays a vital role in mud-terrain tires, as it directly impacts the tire’s capacity to grip the road or surface. The better the traction, the more effectively the tire can maintain control and stability, especially in challenging conditions. Whether you’re navigating rocky trails, muddy paths, or snowy roads, reliable traction is essential for safe and efficient driving. Comparing the above two based on traction, you will see that the Nexen Roadian MTX is designed with an aggressive tread pattern that improves traction on- and off-road and reduces noise on paved roads. This has helped this tire to reach an exceptional average traction SimpleScore of 8.1 which is a solid score when it comes to performance.

On the other hand, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 has a solid score of 7.9 out of 10 in traction. This is thanks to an aggressive tread pattern, interlocking tread blocks, and stone and mud ejectors within the tread to improve self-cleaning performance and minimize rock retention for consistent traction. Regarding traction, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 lags behind the Nexen Roadian MTX

ADVANTAGE: Nexen Roadian MTX

Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on durability

Various components of a tire’s tread pattern, along with the overall tire design, contribute to enhancing its durability. These elements play a crucial role in how the tire interacts with the road, affecting factors such as grip, stability, and responsiveness.

The Nexen Roadian MTX sports a great 8.2 SimpleScore for durability, which is largely driven by the tire’s innovative core rib that runs continuously, allowing it to be more durable and improving its durability.

On the flip side, the Maxxis Razr MT-772 stands parallel to the Nexen Roadian MTX for durability as the tire also comes with a SimpleScore of 8.2. The tire comes with a dual-cord casing ply that improves durability and toughness for extra durability.


Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires on longevity

When buying tires, longevity is just as crucial as traction and durability. A tire’s lifespan is influenced by various factors, such as tire quality, driving behavior, road conditions, and maintenance practices. Ensuring proper care and choosing high-quality tires can significantly impact how long they last. Starting with the Nexen Roadian MTX, the tire offers a good SimpleScore of 8.5 out of 10 on the longevity front. The tire's 3-ply design for added durability and hauling capabilities leads to an extended tread life.

Conversely, the Razr MT-772’s exceptional SimpleScore in longevity is the major difference between both tires, as it delivers an exceedingly great SimpleScore of 9.0. The tire comes with an innovative tread pattern, a tread compound that features chemical fillers that maximize tear resistance, and tread life that lowers road noises and vibrations to increase ride comfort for drivers and passengers. Additionally, it is backed by a 40,000 mile limited manufacturer warranty.

ADVANTAGE: Maxxis Razr MT-772

When to use each

Mud-terrain tires are versatile and designed to perform well on various surfaces, both on and off the road. It would not be wrong to say that mud-terrain tires are considered all-purpose. They handle summer heat, heavy rain, and light snow. If you want a tire that works well in various weather conditions, mud-terrain tires are a good choice.

Both the Nexen Roadian MTX and Maxxis Razr MT-772 perform well in both on-road and off-road driving. As mud-terrain tires, they can be used for moderate temperatures but in case you stay in an area that witnesses heavy snow and extreme weather conditions, you will need a pair of winter tires, because they offer unmatched performance in snow and ice, making them suitable for regions with severe winter conditions.

Finally, cautious driving habits and avoiding harsh conditions can help preserve the tread and overall integrity of the tires.

Which one should you choose?

So, which mud-terrain tire is the right option for you? When looking at SimpleScore, the Nexen Roadian MTX is slightly behind the Maxxis Razr MT-772 with an overall score of 8.2 versus 7.9. As noted above, key differences between the two tires need to be weighed against each other to determine what’s best for you. Finally (and maybe, most importantly), pricing on these two tires is a bit different as Nexen Roadian MTX tires cost at least $213.97 per tire while Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires cost at least $218.96 per tire. That means a set of four Nexen Roadian MTX mud-terrain tires will cost you at least $855.88 for a set of four, while a set of four Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires will cost you at least $875.84.

Based on SimpleScore, you should choose the Nexen Roadian MTX if you:

  • Drive a light truck like the Ford F-150, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, or Chevrolet Colorado
  • Want a tire that offers drivers a quiet ride and strong on- and off-road traction
  • Want better traction between the two tires 8.1
  • Looking for a tire that can handle the vehicle better at 8.2

Conversely, you should choose the Maxxis Razr MT-772 if you:

  • Drive a Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, or Lincoln Navigator
  • Want a tire with excellent durability

Nexen Roadian MTX vs Maxxis Razr MT-772 tires might not seem a close comparison on the surface, but the above clearly shows that either is a great option. Remember, both of the tire brands are some of the best tire manufacturers on the market, and that tradition continues with the Nexen Roadian MTX and Maxxis Razr MT-772. At the end of the day, the decision to buy one or the other depends on your vehicle, where (and how) you drive, and what you care more about in terms of traction, durability, longevity, and price.

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