Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires

Last updated 5/28/2024 - Originally published 5/28/2024
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Even if you know tires well, you can sometimes confuse all-weather tires with an all-season tire, having said that you must know that an all-weather tire gives you an extra edge during winter, so it would not be wrong to say that they are a cross between an all-season and winter tires. If you are looking for strong traction and performance in wet and dry conditions, plus better performance in winter weather you can opt for one.

Yokohama and Falken are two names that excel in delivering great tires, especially in the all-weather category. Both are renowned for their innovative strategies that exceed customer expectations as they tailor their products and services to meet these specific needs. The same is visible in the tire range of the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S and the Falken Aklimate.

Both of these tires are meant for use on passenger vehicles. While both tires offer great performance, one has to be better than the other, right? Let’s compare Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires using SimpleScore to show where each tire excels and which one might be right for you.

Falken Aklimate tires

The Falken Aklimate tire is engineered for passenger vehicles, delivering reliable performance in tough winter weather. It stands out with its advanced tread design and rubber compound, which improve grip and stability, ensuring a confident drive in winter conditions. With an impressive average SimpleScore of 8.9 out of 10, it excels in handling (8.6), longevity (9.7), and traction (8.4). This all-weather tire provides excellent traction and handling on dry, wet, and snowy roads, along with enhanced fuel efficiency. It also comes with a 65,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty, giving drivers peace of mind.

Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires

All-weather tires are a cross between all-season and winter tires. A tire like the Yokohama Geolandar CV 4S is designed for use on SUVs and CUVs and excels in delivering a well-rounded driving experience, offering remarkable year-round capabilities. Made with features that deliver comfortable and smooth ride, reduced road noise, and enhanced passenger comfort. You notice a durable construction that ensures a long-lasting tread life, contributing to its overall cost-effectiveness. With its exceptional blend of performance, versatility, and durability, this tire is ideal for SUV and crossover drivers seeking reliable and comfortable driving throughout the year. Lastly, it carries a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol guaranteeing performance in severe winter weather.

This tire delivers excellent handling at a SimpleScore of 8.6, increased traction is seen at a great SimpleScore of 8.5, and longevity score goes to 9 making an average SimpleScore of 8.7.

Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires on traction

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Traction is a crucial factor in tire performance, particularly for all-weather tires. These adaptable tires are carefully engineered to provide dependable grip in diverse weather conditions. Their objective is to strike a harmonious balance between performance on dry roads, wet surfaces, and even lightly snowy terrain.

Comparing the above two based on traction, you will see that the Falken Aklimate has a great score of 8.4 out of 10 in traction. This is thanks to an optimized tread pattern with 3D sipe technology that enhances traction and grip on snowy roads.

The Yokohama Geolandar CV4S, on the other hand, is designed with angled tread blocks, dense sipings, and open shoulders to force water, slush, and melting snow out of the tire for consistent traction in wet and wintry weather. This has helped this tire to reach an average traction SimpleScore of 8.5 which is great when it comes to performance.

When it comes to traction, the Falken Aklimate falls a little behind the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S.

ADVANTAGE: Yokohama Geolandar CV4S

Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires on handling


All-weather tires are designed to balance performance for various weather conditions, including dry, wet, and light snow. The handling of a tire is improved by different elements of the tire’s tread pattern, in addition to the tire’s overall design.

The Falken Aklimate offers great handling as the tire comes with a SimpleScore of 8.6. Featuring strategically placed snow claws that provide additional biting edges for improved handling and stability on icy surfaces for even wear to extend the tire's tread life.

On the flip side, the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S also sports a solid 8.6 SimpleScore for handling, largely driven by the tire’s continuous core rib, allowing it to be more durable and improving its handling.


Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires on longevity

The longevity aspect is equally important to traction and handling when purchasing a tire. The longevity of a tire depends on several factors, including the quality of the tire, driving habits, road conditions, and maintenance. Based on SimpleScore, this was the biggest gap between the two tires.

Starting with the Falken Aklimate’s excellent 9.7 SimpleScore in longevity shows that it takes the lead here. The Falken Aklimate innovative tread design and rubber compound enhance grip and stability to extend the tire's tread life.

Conversely, Yokohama Geolandar CV4S, tire offers an exceptional SimpleScore of 9 out of 10 on the longevity front. The tire’s tough, rugged rubber compound and reinforced construction work together to increase handling which allows for a longer tread life. Additionally, it features a durable and robust construction that promotes longevity.

Here you will notice progress in terms of longevity for the Falken Aklimate over the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires.

Although both the tires perform solid when it comes to longevity, the Falken Aklimate comes with a 65,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life and the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S comes with a 60,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life.

ADVANTAGE: Falken Aklimate

When to use each

While all-weather tires offer convenience and versatility, they tend to have a longer lifespan compared to tires designed specifically for certain weather conditions, such as winter tires or summer tires. This is because they are constructed with a tread compound that balances handling and performance across different seasons.

Both the Falken Aklimate and Yokohama Geolandar CV4S may not provide optimal performance in extreme winter weather conditions. For example, in areas with heavy snowfall, dedicated winter tires might be necessary for improved traction and safety. That said, all-season tire is an excellent choice if you live in an area that only gets light snow.

Additionally, cautious driving habits and avoiding harsh conditions can help preserve the tread and overall integrity of the tires.

Which one should you choose?

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So, which all-weather tire is the right option for you? When looking at SimpleScore, the Falken Aklimate falls slightly behind the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S with an overall score of 8.9 versus 8.7. As noted above, there are key differences between the two tires and these need to be weighed against each other to determine what’s best for you. Finally (and maybe, most importantly), pricing on these two tires is a bit different as Falken Aklimate tires cost at least $95.00 per tire while Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires cost at least $167.99 per tire. That means a set of four Falken Aklimate all-weather tires will cost you at least $380 for a set of four, while a set of four Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires will cost you at least $ 671.96.

Based on SimpleScore, you should choose the Falken Aklimate if you:

  • Drive a Honda Civic or Nissan Versa or a Toyota Camry
  • Want exceptional longevity 9.7 vs 9
  • You are looking for an affordable tire that performs great

Conversely, you should choose the Yokohama Geolandar CV4S if you:

  • Drive a vehicle like the Acura CL, Audi A6, Buick Encore or the Chevrolet Cruze
  • You want a tire that is manufactured by Yokohama

Falken Aklimate vs Yokohama Geolandar CV4S tires might not seem a close comparison on the surface, but the above clearly shows that either is a great option. Remember, both of the tire brands are some of the best tire manufacturers on the market, and that tradition continues with the Falken Aklimate and Yokohama Geolandar CV4S. At the end of the day, the decision to buy one or the other depends on your vehicle, where (and how) you drive, and what you care more about in terms of traction, handling, longevity, and price.

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