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Best Light Truck Tires

Last updated 2/16/2022 - Originally published 9/23/2020
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Selecting the best light truck tires is an important process because your light truck probably sees some rigorous driving and hauling. A quality, well-chosen set of light truck tires will let you get the absolute most out of your vehicle. The wrong tires will diminish the quality of your drive, reduce the amount you can haul, and potentially decrease safety. Together, you and can make sure you get the best light truck tires that are perfectly well-suited for you and your truck.

Light truck passenger & touring tires

Do you generally use your pickup for your daily commute and running around town? If you do, consider buying a set of passenger and touring tires if they meet the load and speed requirements of your vehicle. Passenger tires and touring tires are engineered for maximum safety and comfort. This category includes many of the original equipment (OE) tires for many of the pickup trucks available for consumers today.

Light truck performance tires

Not all truck owners use their pickups for hauling, towing, and driving on rugged terrain. Some like to keep their trucks on the road and near the red line. For these pickup owners-those who want race-inspired performance out of their truck-performance tires are a great match.

Performance tires include features such as extra-large contact patches (the area where the tire touches the road) and moisture evacuating tread patterns that provide extra traction in wet conditions at high speeds. In addition to enhancing the performance of your vehicle, these light truck tires will also enhance the look, which knows is important because you want your truck to look good as you cruise past.

Light truck tires

Tires from the light truck and SUV category might be right for pickup trucks used for hauling, towing, off-road driving, or commercial use. Light truck and SUV tires are specifically designed for heavier vehicles with larger bodies. Optional features include off-road tread patterns, all-terrain tread patterns, stone ejector technology, noise reduction, and many other options. You can find a set of light truck and SUV tires that offer whatever specific driving characteristics are important to you. Make sure that you keep in mind the intended use of your truck when it's time to make the final decision about which tires to buy.

Light truck low rolling resistance tires

Light trucks are not known for being eco-friendly; however, many auto manufacturers are making huge improvements in this category. If you do own one of the eco-friendly trucks or you can't wait for auto manufacturers to get their pickups up to snuff, there is a way to maximize the fuel efficiency of your truck. Fit it with a set of low rolling resistance tires. Low rolling resistance tires make it easier for your tires to roll and, as a result, your truck needs less power to accelerate or to maintain its speed. When your truck needs less power, it burns less fuel. Your carbon footprint gets smaller and so does your gas bill.

Light truck winter tires

Whether you use your truck around town, at the construction site, or anywhere else, you're going to need to keep it running through the winter. Buying a set of winter tires can make sure that you'll stay on the road all year long, through the worst that Mother Nature can throw at you. Winter tires for light trucks give you the extra traction you need by channeling away snow and slush as you drive. Unlike the other types of tires (including all-season tires), winter tires are made of rubber compounds that maintain pliability at temperatures consistently below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remaining pliable in cold temperatures is important because your tires will keep a large area of contact with the road surface, which means greater traction.

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Driving your truck, even if for work purposes, should be comfortable and enjoyable. A well-chosen set of light truck tires can make a difference.

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