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Best tires for Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the definitive American cars; when Ford introduced it halfway through the 1964 model year, they created an entire new category of vehicles, leaving other manufacturers to play catch-up. There have been several different “versions” of the Mustang over the decades; the latest iteration, introduced in 2005, is along the lines of the original Mustang concept as an aggressive-looking, high-performance, 100% American sports coupe. We rounded up a few ideas for tires for your Mustang:

Ford Mustang Tire Line Recommendations

A good all-around performance tire is the BFGoodrich Advantage T/A, with BF Goodrich quality in an attractive, affordable tire for the Mustang. The Advantage T/A uses a silica-infused tread compound and symmetric tread pattern, with Goodrich’s g-Grip interlocking sipes to promote traction year-round. The Advantage T/A is designed with twin steel belts and BF Goodrich’s Equal Tension Containment System (ETEC), a structure of spiral-wrapped reinforcements under the tread for long wear and a supple ride.

The Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring is an all-season grand touring tire, with Goodyear’s Comfort Layer of rubber between the tread and steel belts to help isolate road noise and vibrations. The ComforTred Touring features independent shoulder blocks and a set of notched intermediate and center ribs for great traction on wet or dry surfaces.

Another affordable all-season standard touring choice is the Fuzion Touring, with a silica-blend tread formulation and symmetric tread pattern. The circumferential grooves and sipes help evacuate water from the tire footprint in rainy weather, while the notched shoulders provide predictable handling and sharp cornering performance. The Fuzion Touring features twin high-tensile steel belts with a polyester casing, for great ride quality and road manners.

We also recommend the Firestone Precision Touring, a standard touring all-season tire that’s an affordable, good-looking choice for Mustangs. The flanking interlocking ribs and wide shoulder regions are designed for predictable handling in dry or wet weather. Four grooves around the circumference help direct water away from the tire’s footprint, with notches and sipes for more surface area and bite in light snow.

Finally, we’re also fans of the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 – designed for drivers who like to push the envelope with their vehicles. The Eagle F1 GS-D3 was designed with Goodyear’s AAtrax tread compound and racing-style OneTRED tread pattern; designed to emulate racing slick tires’ traction, the OneTRED design features shoulder-to-shoulder tread footprint for even, predictable performance in braking, acceleration and cornering. Aquachannel grooves are angled forward and outward for wet-weather traction.

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