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    Vercelli tires belongs to the family of American Omni Trading, and they are known to deliver tires that have year-round traction with sure-footed performance and handling. If you drive luxury sedans, SUVs, and crossovers, you can surely consider choosing a Vercelli tire, as their advanced designs and classic, stylish looks will be a perfect fit for them.

    What can you expect from an all-season tire is it’s the do-it-all tire for your vehicle as they typically offer better-rolling resistance for enhanced fuel economy. The Vercelli Classic 787 tire is an all-season tire that delivers a quiet, comfortable ride with year-round traction, even in light snow, to the owners of coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and wagons.

    An added advantage is that the tire is backed by a No Questions Asked, 25/365 Free Replacement Limited Protection Policy by Vercelli, meaning that you can drive with peace of mind when you’re on a Vercelli Classic 787 tire.

    But is this the right tire for you? Let’s take a deeper look in this Vercelli Classic 787 review.

    Features and Benefits

    If you live in areas that experience moderate temperatures year-round, you will need a set of tires that perform well in dry, wet, and light winter weather conditions as that is a must-requirement for changing weather conditions as that can make it difficult for your tires to grip the road. Let’s take a look at the Vercelli Classic 787 tire review to help us understand all its features and benefits at a glance:

    • Better all-season performance: The Classic 787 has an all-season rubber compound that enhances its performance in wet and light snow conditions.
    • Reduced hydroplaning: Wide, longitudinal grooves enhance traction on slippery roads, preventing hydroplaning.
    • Minimal noise: the flexible body and slotted shoulder tread design reduce road noise for a quiet ride.
    • Solid handling: A four-rib design stabilizes the tread area for good handling, and enhances the ride quality.
    • Longer tread life: A durable rubber compound and optimized design reduces tread distortion to promote even wear and extend tread life.
    • Sidewall options: You get to choose from a stylish white or black sidewall depending on the tire size.

    You can trust the Vercelli Classic 787 if you are looking for an affordable tire that doesn’t skimp on performance. The tire size ranges from 14 to 15 inches.

    Pros and Cons

    Before deciding whether to buy Vercelli Classic 787 tires or not, let’s first drill down on a few factors that can help you decide whether or not the tire is right for you.

    • Good handling performance
    • Improved drainage effectively reduces the risk of hydroplaning
    • Superior longitudinal stability for a comfortable ride
    • Low noise to offer a quiet ride

    While Vercelli makes a good claim about the Classic 787’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

    • Not ideal for use in moderate to severe winter weather conditions
    • Only available for passenger vehicles
    • Does not offer great traction on ice

    SimpleTire’s view on Vercelli Classic 787 tires

    Vercelli Classic 787 tires at a glance are everything a driver needs. They feature slotted shoulders and a wear-resistant tread compound for trouble-free mileage and a quiet ride. Plus, the wide, longitudinal grooves provide good handling on both wet and dry surfaces while the flexible body design improves ride comfort.

    Additionally, the strong construction of this tire delivers a longer tread life, and the optimized siping and reinforced tread blocks strengthen your vehicle's handling and turning performance. You can consider the Classic 787 for a quiet, comfortable ride with year-round traction, even in light snow.

    Vehicles the Vercelli Classic 787 is a good replacement tire for

    Commonly used on passenger vehicles like classic and retro cars, the Vercelli Classic 787 can be a common replacement tire for vehicles such as Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Charger, Nissan Pick-Up, GMC Sonoma, or Toyota Tacoma and many more.














    15 SimpleTire reviews

    Chevrolet S10 1999 LS 4x2
    Verified Customer
    Dec 17, 2021

    A 1 so far only had them month.

    Chevrolet C1500 1997 Base
    Verified Customer
    Oct 18, 2021

    Was looking for a tire to put on for the summer. Not looking to spend a lot of money. These tires fit the bill. I'd purchase them again.

    Chevrolet S10 1998 LS 4x2
    Verified Customer
    May 17, 2021

    Looks to be a good tire

    Verified Customer
    Aug 15, 2020

    Great Quality of tires at a great price I would recommend to anyone Simpletire

    Verified Customer
    Aug 15, 2020

    I would never buy another tire again unless it was from Simple Tire. IT WAS SIMPLE. They cut out the hundreds of dollars you waste and throw away going to a tire store. Way to go simple tire.

    Verified Customer
    Jul 14, 2020

    Don't buy these thinking they are a good choice for a classic car. The whitewalls turned brown almost immediately. No amount of cleaning will keep them white... they will turn back brown overnight after cleaning.

    Verified Customer
    Jun 4, 2020

    I must say. I was a little worried about these. I figured they'd be priced low for low quality but I was definitely surprised. I drive about an hour to and from work and im definitely satisfied with every aspect of these tires. Will continue to purchase for as long as they're available.

    Verified Customer
    Nov 15, 2018

    Worst tires I've ever owned. Whitewalls began to fade almost immediateky, and no chemical could bring back the color. Heavy howling noise after 45 mph, resembling a semi truck riding on recap tires. After only 300 miles I got rid of these horrible tires. Stay away .

    Verified Customer
    Sep 25, 2018

    I'm very pleased with the tire quality. Gives my 72 Dodge polara a nice ride. Feels like I'm floating on air!

    Verified Customer
    Aug 25, 2018

    No problems with these tires so far. Traction seems good in wet or dry. I'm sure they aren't great in snow but they go anywhere I want with chains. Good classic whitewall style and size. They would be a good fit for a driver classic car. The sidewalls do have some of the more modern appearing designs in the black part but nothing extreme. Treadwear... too early to tell. Handling is average/normal for tall sidewall passenger tires.

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