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Nokian Nordman 7 Studded


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10 SimpleTire reviews

Toyota Prius c 2013 One
Verified Customer
Feb 13, 2022

Very nice studded snow tires

John Ploof
Scion xA 2006 Base
Verified Customer
Jan 16, 2022

Chevrolet Sonic 2014 LTZ
Verified Customer
Jan 9, 2022

First winter tire I've ever put on my car. Yes it is somewhat noisy especially with the studs but I had already read the reviews and expected as much. Had nothing to compare it to prior to using these tires. We had a morning with black ice on all the roads and I was thankful for the tires. There were a lot of accidents and I was able to drive around numerous cars and trucks that were stuck.

Toyota Prius Prime 2021 XLE
Verified Customer
Dec 27, 2021

Put these on a prius prime which now spends most of its time in the garage as AWD is currently a must. Don't feel as solid on dry as the stock tires. Hard to believe as the sidewall on stock is as soft as a bicycle tire. Don't know is hydrogen would make a difference. All in all, the studs are what I really needed and I would do it again.

Verified Customer
Oct 30, 2021

Nissan Versa 2015 1.6 S
Verified Customer
Oct 18, 2021

The wrong tires came the first time and the delivery of the second set was delayed so long that I needed to order from a local company and cancel the delivery entirely. These issues were terribly inconvenient.

Mercury Sable 2004 LS Premium
Verified Customer
Oct 16, 2021

The dry handling is kind of like driving on gravel. Car wants to wander in a straight line at high speeds. In corners you must take it easy, or understeer will overcome you. About the same with wet, but you know, even more because it's wet. The tire does snow and ice pretty decently, but there is a point where it gets to deep and well, performance suffered. Was a little disappointed tbh. Noise, they are studded so plenty of noise. I like the noise though, like driving on gravel, walking with cleats. Went with bridgestone blizzak ws90's this year.

Toyota Corolla 2013 L
Verified Customer
Feb 23, 2021

Very good in Vermont snow. Not too loud on the road. Awesome tires so far.

Mid Coast
Verified Customer
Jan 15, 2021

It was a bit confusing as to which company in Maine was Truly a Precipitating Ties dealer who would allow delivery and ste up appointment to put the tires on. Alvin Chase at Eastern Tire in Rockland claims he and four other dealers were not participants. Even though you had called his secretary and set up a time to have the tires put on and delivered there and they had me scheduled. I'm surprised he didn't keep the tires and sell them for his own profit. He could have done that since they were delivered by FedX after hours. They were dropped off outside with no attendant beside of the garage in the open! Alien Chase claims it was without his knowledge. I was happy to hear that you could work with Shepard's Toyota in Thomaston Maine as they were willing to work with you, and are more down to earth and much more accomadating. I wish you luck in the future and hope you don't get into a snarl because dealers are claiming they do not know the tires are being delivered! Even though you were kind enough them and myself and we're aware that my tires had not been put on because I went up to the garage and got them because Alvin Chase told me which apparently was a lie that he didn't know anything about it and what he wanted to charge me was double to put them on. It is quite remarkable the Not only do we get a great deal on the tires which are excellent but also that you pay to have them put on even though he was a higher cost garage than any of the others. Please get it clear who you're working with on the other end. As a business person I hope you don't end up paying more to a garage to put the tires on then what we pay for the tires themselves. Remember with the kind of comfosion I had at best I would have paid more to have them put on or you would have. At worst the company could've sold my tires and claimed that they never came in or that they would have been stolen because they were brought after hours and leaned against a building all night outdoors . Thank you for the guarantees that you offer when we buy the tires in the paperwork that comes through that we can print off with the phone number that is very helpful and thank you for your personal attention with me.

Verified Customer
Nov 8, 2020

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Get technical:

The Nordman 7 Studded from Nokian is a studded winter tire that offers drivers of coupes and sedans consistent grip on slushy and snowy roads.

Features & Benefits

  • Winter tread design
  • Black sidewall
  • Pinned with studs to enhance traction on ice, slush, and snow covered roads
  • Three Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol means this tire is certified to perform in severe snow conditions

Winter weather often brings ice, slush, and snow with it, and these elements can make driving difficult. Fortunately, winter tires are designed to remain flexible in lower temperatures so that drivers receive consistent grip, and the Nordman 7 Studded from Nokian does just that for drivers of coupes and sedans. A slush edge removes slush and snow from the tire's contact patch to reduce the risk of slushplaning, and the Nordman 7 Studded's rubber compound enhances grip in ice and snow. The Nordman 7 Studded is pinned with studs to enhance traction, and the tire is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified thanks to its ability to perform in severe snow conditions.

Mileage Warranty
Load Index
853 lbs (75)
Max Speed
118 MPH (T)
Load Range
Standard (SL)
Tread Depth
Inflation Pressure
47 PSI
Part Number
Tread Design
Tire Weight
14.3 lbs
Section Width
Rim Range
Overall Diameter
Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS)
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Have a question about Nokian Nordman 7 Studded tires?

Yes, Nokian Nordman 7 Studded tires are a great choice for drivers of coupes, sedans, and minivans who want excellent traction and performance in ice, slush, snow, and other winter weather conditions. The Normdan 7 Studded also offers drivers stable handling and a quiet, comfortable ride.

Nordman 7 Studded tires could be made at Nokian's factory in Dayton, TN, Finland, or Russia.

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