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Established in 1949 in Japan, Nitto has always been popular amongst enthusiasts because of its unique range of tires and their distinct sizes. Currently, Nitto has its headquarters in Cypress, C.A. and sells tires for light trucks, CUVs, SUVs, and passenger cars alongside offering SxS (side-by-side) tires.

The Nitto NT555RII is a D.O.T.-approved ultra-high-performance tire that’s suited for drag and competition races. The tire boasts new-gen technologies and a special tread compound to offer great performance on the tracks. But do these technologies really assure a punchy performance? Let’s find this out in this Nitto NT555RII review.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-high-performance tires are frequently used on sports and supercars in warm weather and offer sporty handling and quick acceleration for strong performance and faster lap times. The NT555RII is no different as it is designed for impeccable capabilities keeping in mind the weekend drag racer.

The high-grip compound and semi-racing construction of the NT555RII provide that instant traction that’s needed at the starting line, while its large circumferential grooves boost wet handling. The robust sidewall construction of the NT555RII is enhanced to improve the vehicle launch by 60 times as compared to its sibling, the NT05R, and ensure responsiveness and driving precision.

The large center rib of the NT555RII provides a continuous contact patch for improved dry traction, whereas the advanced race compound gives adequate punch that’s needed while competing in races. Additionally, the compound balances dry traction and ensures heat resistance.

The semi-slick shoulder block design of this tire reduces heat build-up and boosts cornering grip. The high modulus polyester carcass, solid sidewall, and semi-radial body construction assure stability while braking, cornering, and running in a straight line.

The Nitto NT555RII is available in 15 to 20-inch rim sizes, which means it serves as a suitable fitment for most sports and supercars. Additionally, the NT555RII is at its best when paired with the Nitto NT555 G2 on the non-drive axle.

Pros and Cons

Is the Nitto NT555RII a good option in the ultra-high-performance segment, particularly for drag and competition tires, or should you ponder over something different? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons before we conclude with our view in the end.

  • The optimized tread pattern offers excellent track performance from start to finish.
  • Robust sidewall construction ensures superior control and driving precision.
  • Excellent dry traction and heat resistance capabilities.
  • Dedicated race compound offers maximum control and steering responsiveness while cruising at high speeds.
  • Engineered for stability during cornering, braking, and straight-line running.

While the NT555RII is said to deliver commendable performance, some of its drawbacks may divide opinions.

  • Noise levels are relatively high as compared to its peers.
  • Lacks comfort as it is mainly engineered for performance-oriented drives.
  • Not made for use in wet or winter weather conditions.
  • More expensive than some of its competitors.
  • No warranty offered and uncertain tread life.

SimpleTire’s view on Nitto NT555RII tires

If you need an ultra-high-performance tire with great drag and competition racing capability, the Nitto NT555RII is a good choice. It is responsive on dry surfaces and has adequate heat resistance, driving precision, and control. Even the cornering grip and turn-in response of this tire are good enough to impress enthusiasts. However, its rivals surpass it when it comes to controlling tread noise, catering ride comforts, and offering wet traction. Also, it is slightly more expensive than some of the tires that are offered in the same segment. It competes against the likes of Toyo Proxes R888R, Mickey Thompson ET Street R (Race), Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, and Yokohama Advan Sport A052.

Vehicles the Nitto NT555RII is a good replacement tire for

Designed for use on sports and supercars, the NT555RII can be a good replacement tire for vehicles like Ford Mustang GT, Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, and other performance-oriented cars.














8 SimpleTire reviews

Ford Mustang 2015 GT Premium Rear
Verified Customer
Jul 3, 2022

Only place that had these in stock

Ford Mustang 2003 GT
Verified Customer
Oct 18, 2021

I've had these on the car for about 1000 miles. I got them to replace my old Gen 1 555Rs for a local drag racing event. The track was unprepared and I still manage the same 60ft times I had before with full prep. Road manners and noise are great. I haven't had these in the rain yet. They aren't the stickiest but are excellent for cars making good power that are looking for something that last around 15k miles and has more grip than street tires.

BMW M340i 2021 Base Rear
Verified Customer
Oct 14, 2021

Verified Customer
Jul 15, 2021

I have these on my 2017 Hellcat and they hook great. Much better than the stock Pzeros.

Ford Mustang 2016 GT Premium
Verified Customer
May 4, 2021

I bought these as a summer tire for my 2016 mustang gt. So far they stick better than the pirelli tires that came with it. Plan on taking it to the track soon

Dodge Charger 2020 Scat Pack
Verified Customer
Mar 3, 2021

Excellent tire.! Don't know about tread wear, haven't had them on long. Thankyou for the quick delivery!!

Steve a
Dodge Charger 2020 Scat Pack
Verified Customer
Mar 2, 2021

I have not put many miles on them yet. I love the tires. Wish I had gotten one size bigger. I will next time. Thank you

Verified Customer
Aug 21, 2020

I had to try these out on my tuned 500hp/500torque Infiniti Q50 3.0T RWD. I went from pure spinning with other brands of street tires 275 widths to now total traction when accelerating out of the hole. I'm planning to just leave these on the car all the time. Another reason I was excited about this version 2 tire was the increase in wet traction over other similar use tires. I've had these on the highway for 100-150 mile trips and the road noise is not any greater than an average street tire. I chose the 275x40R19 NT555RII.