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    Landsail Tires is a part of the Chinese Sentury Tire group and began production in 2009 for tires to be used on passenger vehicles and aircraft fitments. The brand focuses on quality and performance and now offers tires for a range of fitments, such as SUVs, light trucks, CUVS, etc., in different categories such as touring, all-season, performance, and more.

    The Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV is an all-season tire designed to offer improved fuel efficiency and year-round performance. In this Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV review, we will take a look at some of the features and benefits of the tire, its pros and cons, and SimpleTire’s views on the tire.

    Features and Benefits

    All-season tires are designed for use on passenger and commercial vehicles that are generally driven on paved roads throughout the year. All-season tires offer year-round performance in dry, wet, or light winter weather conditions, and are generally backed by a mileage warranty for longer tread life.

    The Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV, being an all-season tire, can deliver reliable and consistent performance for CUVs and SUVs throughout the year. Moreover, the tire is fitted with various elements that add to the benefits of the tire. Let’s take a look at some of these noteworthy features and benefits.

    • Optimized performance: The specially formulated LS Silica compound increases flexibility, improves control, and reduces rolling resistance.
    • Excellent handling: The long and lateral grooves work together to ensure great handling and traction in cornering at high speeds.
    • Enhanced ride comfort: The tread pitch width and alignment are at optimum angles to minimize road noise.
    • Improved dry performance: The tread is designed for better surface contact to ensure optimized grip and control on hot road surfaces.

    The Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV is available in a variety of tire sizes ranging from 20 to 24 inches and the tire is also backed by a 50,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty.

    Pros and Cons

    Now that you know more about the features and benefits of the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV, let’s also take a look at some of the pros and cons of the tire, to help you make a more informed decision.


    • All-season enhanced performance in dry or wet conditions.
    • Great handling and ride comfort with improved dry performance.
    • Backed by a 50,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty with better fuel efficiency.

    While these pros look good on paper, also consider these cons before making a decision.


    • The tread can wear off irregularly and quickly.
    • Should not be used in moderate to heavy winter weather conditions.
    • The tire can be noisy sometimes.

    SimpleTire’s view on Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV tires

    If you are looking for a set of all-season tires for your CUV or SUV that delivers reliable performance throughout the year and is priced economically, then the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV might be the right fit for you. Designed to deliver consistent performance throughout the year, and backed by a 50,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty, the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV is a good choice!

    Moreover, according to SimpleScore, the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV scored an average SimpleScore of 8.3. If you want better longevity (8.8 v 7.9), you can go for Atlas Force HP. However, the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV does offer better handling (8.8 v 8.4) with similar traction performance.

    Vehicles the Landsail LS588 SUV/CUV is a good replacement tire for

    As the LS588 SUV/CUV is available in a variety of tire sizes, it can be used as a good replacement tire for different vehicles, such as 2006 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition, 2013 Dodge Durango, 2015 RAM 1500, and more.














    6 SimpleTire reviews

    Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Edition 2006 Base
    Verified Customer
    Sep 30, 2021

    I have these on my F150. I have just about 20,000 miles on them, no problems. I have seen that the tread is 10/32's new. My tread is @7/32 or 6/32. So, it looks like they may make 50,000. I am very happy with these tires, they were by far the least expensive. My previous set were pirelli's at twice the price, and only made 35,000 miles. I did notice that my gas highway mileage dropped about 2 mpg, but it may be due to the tires a bit under inflated at 30psi vs 35. I will buy these again.

    Dodge Durango 2013 R/T
    Verified Customer
    Oct 14, 2020

    I would definitely recommend Simple Tire to anyone. This purchase was our second from them. Since this set of tires is fairly new, I cannot rate the winter or treadwear. But if they are anything like the other brand, I am sure we will be pleased.

    Verified Customer
    Aug 15, 2020

    As for the treading there is no problem, as for winter it's still the summer time. Thank you for getting them to me in s timely manner.

    Verified Customer
    Aug 8, 2020

    Still new. Not sure about winter or tread life but so far so good. Rides quiet and smooth. Seems to have good traction. Very happy with my purchase!

    Verified Customer
    Jul 23, 2020

    Have never had an issue ordering tire from Simple Tire.

    Verified Customer
    Nov 5, 2019

    Yes! I Would recommend these tires to my friends so far they're smooth , no road noise and the handling is great.

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