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    Kumho Tire was founded in 1960 in South Korea as a Chinese tire company Doublestar subsidiary. With a North American headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Kumho makes all-weather, all-terrain, and winter tires for coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, light trucks, minivans, and commercial trucks.

    Delivering performance in the all-weather category, the Kumho Solus HA32 speaks about the brand’s trust and legacy. It is also an all-weather tire designed for use on passenger cars and excels in delivering a well-rounded driving experience, offering remarkable year-round capabilities. This tire is built to perform in every climate condition, with excellent wet and dry braking. But is the Solus HA32 the right tire for you? Let’s take a look at this Kumho Solus HA32 review.

    Features and Benefits

    All-weather tires can be confused with all-season tires, as many don’t know that all-weather tires give you an extra edge during winters, so it would not be wrong to say that they are a cross between All-season and Winter tires.

    If you are looking for strong traction and performance in wet and dry conditions, plus better performance in winter weather, you can opt for these tires, as they use flexible rubber compounds that help the tire to grip better on cold, icy, snowy, or slushy roads. Let’s take a look at the Kumho Solus HA32 tire review to help understand all its features and benefits at a glance:

    • Enhanced traction: Kumho's Solus HA32 is engineered with a new cutting-edge compound and V-shaped pattern to maximize driving performance on wet and dry roads.
    • Improved tread wear: This tire has a directional tread pattern, providing long-lasting wear.
    • Reduced hydroplaning: The three-dimensional interlocking sipes enhance handling in challenging weather conditions such as rain, slush, and snow. They also provide reliable wet performance and resistance to hydroplaning.

    The wheel size ranges from 15 inches to 18 inches, making it ideal for a wide range of passenger cars. Additionally, it is backed by the Kumho 60,000-mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty.

    Pros and Cons

    The Kumho Solus HA32 is a great all-weather tire offering drivers excellent traction and handling performance year-round. But is this really what your vehicle needs? Before deciding to buy the tire, let’s first drill down a few factors that can help you determine whether or not the tire is right for you.

    • Asymmetric tread pattern creates excellent wet and snow traction
    • Three-dimensional interlocking sipes deliver confident all-weather traction.
    • Zig-zag grooves help resist hydroplaning.
    • Optimized lug grooves enhance wet and snow traction.
    • The new polymer blend provides all-road traction in wet, dry, and snow conditions.
    • New compound technology, with a new polymer blend and improved micro silica dispersion, enhances rolling resistance and provides long-lasting wear.
    • Backed by Kumho’s 60,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty

    While Kumho makes a good claim about Solus HA32’s performance, some shortcomings may divide opinions.

    • The ride is firmer than its closest premium competitors
    • Tread noise is a slight issue on rough pavement
    • Only available for passenger vehicles

    SimpleTire’s view on Kumho Solus HA32 tires

    Kumho, a renowned tire brand, prioritizes daily driving comfort and confident performance across various road conditions. The Solus HA32 is an all-weather tire for dry, wet, and light snow scenarios. The tire has a robust rubber compound, which ensures excellent vehicle handling and enhanced hydroplaning resistance. The Solus HA32 utilizes an asymmetric tread design, which contributes to improved wet and snow traction. You also see 3D sipes that enhance vehicle stability by providing confident handling even in challenging conditions. The zig-zag grooves effectively prevent hydroplaning, ensuring better control on wet roads. Lastly, the tire’s advanced compound technology improves rolling resistance and ensures long-lasting wear. It is blacked by a 60,000-mile limited warranty.

    This tire stands out with a commendable SimpleScore of 8.7, featuring an 8.8 for handling, a near-excellent 8.9 for longevity, and an 8.5 for traction. Tires come with various attributes; what matters most to you will guide your choice. Regarding longevity, the Falken Aklimate stands out with an exceptional longevity SimpleScore of 9.7. You can also consider the Bridgestone Weatherpeak if you are looking for a warranty (70,000).

    Vehicles the Kumho Solus HA32 is a good replacement tire for

    Commonly used on passenger vehicles such as coupes, sedans, and minivans, the Kumho Solus HA32 can be a common replacement tire for vehicles such as Honda Pilot, Dodge Nitro, Hyundai Maxcruz, Kia Sedona, Toyota Venza and more.

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