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The Kumho Sense KR26 is an all-season touring tire that can handle almost all types of weather, including light snow. This tire is meant for use on passenger cars, and is most suitable for drivers on a budget. Combining great dry and wet traction with comfort, this tire is meant for regular use on vehicles that commonly take the freeway. The best part is that this tire suits not just regular gas-powered vehicles, but also hybrid vehicles. So, if you’re in the market for a budget tire on your car, do not forget to go through this Kumho Sense KR26 review in detail.

Features and Benefits

The Kumho Sense KR26 is made using a special rubber compound that ensures strong performance throughout the year. The tire has been manufactured by South Korean tire company Kumho that brings high technology and innovative quality to its affordably-priced products. The tread pattern of this tire has been optimized with the aim of a long tread life. It correctly performs most of the functions that are expected from a tire of this type, as seen in the features and benefits below:

  • Solid traction on slippery surfaces- Multiple sipes provide maximum traction on snow and rain, even while the tire wears
  • Better hydroplaning resistance- Circumferential tread grooves are responsible for preventing hydroplaning by dispersing water from the tread
  • Solid warranty- You’ll love the 40,000 mile limited manufacturer warranty available with this tire
  • Year-round use- The symmetric tread pattern ensures that these tires grip dry, wet, and light snow-covered surfaces, thereby preventing users from changing tires later in the year.
  • Low noise- Variable pitch tread blocks reduce the road noises for a quiet ride
  • Superior handling performance- A rigid tread block arrangement is responsible for great handling performance.

Pros and Cons

A strong tire structure ensures that minimum vibrations are felt during motion by maintaining constant road contact. One of the reasons for a high Kumho Sense KR26 rating is low steering response time that is also accentuated by the type of road contact. Here is a look at the pros and cons of this tire in brief:


  • Good wet grip
  • Comfortable, smooth, and quiet ride
  • Backed by a solid 40,000 mile limited manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Low tread wear
  • Great for highway use
  • Flexible enough to retain shape
  • Easy to handle
  • Fuel-efficient


  • Will find it difficult to handle heavy snow
  • Not the best for high speed driving or quick acceleration
  • Cannot be used off-road

SimpleTire’s view on Kumho Sense KR26 tires

For the price at which it is sold, the availability of a 40,000 mile warranty is solid value for the money. At a similar tier, the Kumho Sense KR26 is less expensive than the Americus Touring Plus and the General Altimax RT43. During the extensive tests conducted for a Kumho Sense KR26 tire review, we found decent levels of stability and grip at high speeds. As the tire retains its shape easily, it delivers high comfort and low noise over long distances, making it a great choice for munching the miles on highways. It is an ideal fit for several small cars, mid-size cars, and hybrids, the likes of which have been mentioned below.

Vehicles the Kumho Sense KR26 is a good replacement tire for

Few tires deliver as good a performance for their prices as the Kumho Sense KR26. Take a look at the names of vehicles that can be fitted with these as replacement tires:

  • Ford Focus
  • Dodge Neon
  • Toyota Yaris hatchback
  • Chevrolet Aveo
  • Hyundai Accent hatchback
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • Nissan Sentra
  • Toyota Corolla














8 SimpleTire reviews

Verified Customer
Jul 14, 2018

Bought to put on a car for sale. Seem absolutely fine on the highway. They're tires, they're cheap, they're the right size, and they're the right OEM for the car. What else is there to say?

Verified Customer
Jul 11, 2018

Good tires and would but again.

Verified Customer
Jan 27, 2017

Tire were good when new in wet weather, but after about 15k miles the wet weather performance was horrible. On wet roads the tires will spin when pulling out at at a red light (no matter how easily I am with the gas petal). Haven't had a problem stopping though thank goodness.

Verified Customer
Nov 1, 2016

This is a good, cheap tire- I put on a lot of miles so it does not make sense to me to spend more than $60/tire Have to note that after about 25-35K they really fall apart- the balance is always off because they do not wear evenly. They are ok in snow when new- after a year- I recommend caution in wet weather. Might decide to go with a different brand next time...

Verified Customer
Oct 20, 2016

I like these tires they have great performance.

Verified Customer
Oct 6, 2016

Verified Customer
Sep 17, 2016

Verified Customer
Sep 26, 2014

tire drives good. its very quiet and i like it's comfort. handles smooth nice and easy.