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Based in Canada, Ironhead Tires is owned by Sailun Tire Americas. Ironhead specializes in designing and producing the most technically advanced medium radial truck tires. The international engineering team of Ironhead Tires utilizes its expertise in making high-quality and performance-oriented tires that feature high load capacity and driving stability. Currently, Ironhead tires are offered for various applications like line-haul trucks, regional trucks, dump trucks, refuse trucks, tow trucks, pickup and delivery trucks, intrastate and local buses, freight trucks, tandem axle trailers, regional trailers, spread axle trailers, multi-axle trailers, long-distance trailers, ready mix trucks, regional logging trucks, RV trailers, and utility trailers.

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The Ironhead IAR220







An all-position tire, the Ironhead IAR220 is designed for regional and limited highway applications. Built for use on bucks and trucks of different sizes, the IAR220's sipe design improves traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions while its tread angles eject stones for consistent traction and to protect the casing from damage.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for use in all positions of intrastate and interstate buses, regional trucks, freight trucks, local buses, and dump trucks
  • Commonly used in regional and limited highway service applications
  • Built with micro-sipes in the groove walls that improve traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions
  • Self-cleaning tread design ejects stones, mud, dirt, and water for consistent traction and to protect the casing from damage
  • Sidewalls are reinforced to promote a longer tread life

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