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Marketed in the United States and Canada by TBC Brands, Crosswind is a Chinese tire company whose tires are manufactured by another Chinese-based enterprise – Ling Long Tires. TBC was founded in 1956 and is known to offer quality, value tires throughout the USA. Crosswind produces tires in different categories for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. For commercial vehicles such as pickups and vans, Crosswind offers the LTR HWY (L780) tire that provides all-season traction and strong grip year-round.

The five-rib pattern of the Crosswind LTR HWY (L780) provides superior handling and stability while driving at highway speeds, and it also resists uneven wear. The LTR HWY (L780) is available in the most common sizes of 15 and 16 inches. The tire is expected to last long due to its special rubber compound and tread pattern. Let’s have a look at the Crosswind LTR HWY (L789) review to understand how it is able to achieve the performance it claims, its advantages and disadvantages.

Features and Benefits

All-season, highway terrain tires are built to not only survive but perform in changing weather and surface conditions. They are engineered to last long and perform year-round. Crosswind LTR HWY (L789) falls in the same category, so let's delve deeper to know the reason behind its impressive performance.

  • Superb year-round traction - The symmetric tread pattern features a 5-rib design and dense sipes for better grip and traction on paved surfaces. Longitudinal grooves flush out water quickly to regain traction and avoid the risk of hydroplaning, and a solid shoulder design with deep cuts allows for extra grip during cornering. Whether dry or wet, the traction of the Crosswind LTR HWY (L789) is superb.
  • Better high-speed stability – A solid, continuous center rib ensures steering response is precise and the tire delivers better stability on highways. The shoulder design and strong sidewall casing ensure that stability is maintained even when the load on the tires is maximum.
  • Long-lasting wear – A reinforced rubber compound resists uneven wear and promotes gradual wear. The ribbed pattern ensures the contact patch is optimized and provides the necessary grip and traction for highway speeds without causing too much tread wear. The deep grooves and sipes ensure the grip remains until the life cycle of the tire.

Pros and Cons

While the Crosswind LTR HWY (L789) has a good amount of advantages to its name, let’s have a quick look at its disadvantages too before concluding the review.


  • Ribbed pattern for improved stability
  • Longitudinal grooves to resist hydroplaning
  • Dense sipes for enhanced grip on dry and wet surfaces
  • Special silica compound for longer service life
  • All-season tread design for excellent wearability
  • An affordable option in this category


  • It cannot be driven in severe wintry conditions
  • There’s no tread life warranty from the manufacturer

SimpleTire’s view on Crosswind LTR HWY (L780) tires

In a nutshell, the Crosswind LTR HWY (L789) (starts around $105) is a great option for someone looking for a tire that does all the tasks of a typical all-season tire such as providing year-round traction, solid handling and stability, and a longer tire service life without burning a hole in the pocket.

In the value segment, it competes with the likes of Primewell Valera HT (start around $101), Patriot HT (starts around $119), and Multi-Mile Trail Guide HLT (starts around $100).

Vehicles the Crosswind LTR HWY (L780) is a good replacement tire for

The Crosswind LTR HWY (L780) isn’t an OE tire for any vehicle but it’s an excellent replacement tire option. The Crosswind all-season light truck/SUV tire can be used on Ford Explorer, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Dodge RAM 1500, Chevrolet Tahoe, and many more.














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Verified Customer
Sep 6, 2019

I bought these tires as a stop gap until I can get other tires that I usually get for this dump trailer. So far though they are holding up good and not wearing funny at all. I am very pleased that I bought them

Verified Customer
Mar 26, 2016

Verified Customer
May 12, 2014