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Kurt Hudgens
Verified Customer
Aug 5, 2020

Coopers are always the best way to go. Thank you.

Tarianno Herod
Verified Customer
Jul 31, 2020

Great customer service. Will refer others.

Mark Parker
Verified Customer

I have these on my dually 3500 Great for fuel efficiency Great for traction Noise is non existent They look good. Great price

jeff lindenberg
Verified Customer

I have been buying tires for 40 years and simple tires has been the Best I have ever done business with . Fast shipping ,Good products T...

James Sims
Verified Customer

best winter tires Ive ever used. They do great on packed ice and really cut through deep slush and snow.

Verified Customer

Best set of tires I had ever purchased.

Verified Customer

Remove you ads on review....

Best tires ever. I've bought them twice. Last me two years in the snow with minimal driving. Stick to...

Daniel Krimpelbein
Verified Customer

I would definately recommend these tires and company and already have. These tire are exceptional in handling as well as quite riding. T...

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Get technical:

The Discoverer M+S is a studdable winter tire that's designed for use on light trucks and SUVs.


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