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The 2015 Toyota Tacoma is a reliable compact pickup that is acknowledged for its durability, high resale value, low cost of ownership, practicality, and muscular styling. The 2015 Tacoma is equipped with all the necessary amenities like a tilt & telescopic steering wheel with audio control, Entune audio system, air conditioning, navigation system, six airbags, ABS, and traction and stability control.

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Efficient Grip
Toyota Tacoma 2015 4x4-double-cab
Verified Customer
Sep 7, 2023
Good tires. Not as aggressive as i thought

I like the tires, rode is smooth and quiet, they balanced fine, performance in wet and dry, sand etc have been good, haven't had them in snow yet. Only complaint is they are not as aggressive as i thought they would be, side blocks are a lot less pronounced than i expected based on pics.

Toyota Tacoma 2015 4x4 Double Cab
Verified Customer
Aug 18, 2023
Diamond find.

I have a 2015 Toyota Tacoma ext cab long bed, lifted with bigger tires obv. I was a bit nervous when I purchased these unseen. I didn't want to spend $$$$ but needed something quality and quickly. Let me tell you.... For a mud tire I was shocked. These are amazing! They are more quiet than my Yokohama tires. They easily maneuver in any weather or terrain I go to. (City/mountains/Highway) They are not a long lasting tire but that's something I knew when I got them. They 100% live up to the reviews I have read on them. In the current economy, I may end up getting them again rather than my normal all country Yokohamas (amazing tires) saving myself about $1500.00

Toyota Tacoma 2015 4x4 Double Cab
Verified Customer
Aug 12, 2023
Awesome product

Great tires. Been running Nexen for several years on my S10, now on my Tacoma as well

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