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If you posted yourself on a street corner in just about any city in the world and started identifying the cars that went past, chances are you’d see a Toyota Corolla in the first five minutes or so. The Corolla name has been around since 1966, and as of 2021 the Corolla had passed the 50 million mark in terms of sales – outselling even the venerable Volkswagen Beetle – and has had 12 distinct generations of models.

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Tire Sidetread
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4.2 (5989)
Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3 ROF
Toyota Corolla 2015 S
Verified Customer
Jul 31, 2023
Great tires for the price.

Toyota Corolla 2015 s
Verified Customer
Apr 15, 2023
So it's holding up

I bought these tires for my wife's Toyota corolla 2015, and so far so good. She said it's super smooth and quite on her daily work commute. Only thing about the tires that im confused about is, it's a bit hard on road pumps. The tire specifications said the inflation pressure is 49psi, but the car says 32 psi. Now I'm not sure which psi to go with.

Toyota Corolla 2015 S
Verified Customer
May 28, 2022

Nice riding, good handling, quiet tire.

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