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Introduced in the mid 90s, the Avalon is Toyota’s biggest front-wheel-drive sedan; with its sophistication and comfort, it’s easy to think of the Avalon with a Toyota badge on it. For model year 2014, the Avalon was loaded with standard features like dual climate control, a noise-reducing acoustic windshield, SmartKey, remote start, interactive cruise control and much more, and was powered by a strong-running 280 hp 3.5L V6. The ‘14 Avalon was available with Base, Limited and XLS trim levels.

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Tire Sidetread
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4.2 (2464)
MS932 Sport
Toyota Avalon 2014 XLE Premium
Verified Customer
Jul 1, 2022

Toyota Avalon 2014 XLE Touring
Verified Customer
Oct 18, 2020

My background, 48 years in car repair, domestic, foreign, european as a technician and service manager. Have had expensive, and budget tires. I have sold these tires, that is why I bought them for my wife's car. Drove to florida through, not 1, but 2 hurricane's, stuck like glue, positive traction, never slid or broke traction once. These are the best for the money, bar none. Tread wear is still too early to tell. Quiet touring tire. Have put 3,200 miles on them, smooth, and quiet, would buy again in a heartbeat!!

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