Mazda Rx-7 Tires

Starting in the early 70s, the rotary engine (aka the Wankel) would be the next big thing in the automotive world. It was compact and lightweight, with an excellent power/weight ratio, fewer moving parts, and a great torque curve, and it could run on lower octane fuel (a considerable advantage during the days of leaded gas). Mazda was a proponent of rotary engines in those days, and when it debuted in 1978, Mazda’s RX-7 two-seater was revolutionary. Rotary power and a small package made the RX-7 a strong performer and made the Car & Driver Best list five times over its production run. The RX-7 was available in Base, LX, SE, GS, GSL, and GTU trim levels before it was discontinued in 2002. Interestingly, the third generation of the RX-7 was a 2+2 coupe with a turbocharged version of the rotary, with 252 hp for sharp performance.


Find the right tires for your Mazda Rx-7.

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