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Introduced in 2003, the Mazda3 was a sleek and stylish compact sedan that’s loaded with advanced features and a roomy and comfortable interior that provides enough space for long miles on the highway. The 2017 Mazda3 was offered with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine or hybrid drivetrain and Mazda’s SkyActiv system. 2017 Mazda3 tires could be 215/45R18 or 205/60R16 for its Grand Touring, Sport, and Touring trim levels, and a brand new Mazda3 likely left the factory with a set of Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 PLUS or Dunlop SP Sport 5000 tires attached.

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Pilot Alpin PA4
Mazda 3 2017 Grand Touring
Verified Customer
Jul 30, 2023
Continental extreme contact

This is my first time getting continental tires. And I am very glad I got them. I really enjoy them especially in the snow. I live in Colorado and we get a lot of snow during 7 months of winter.. I can definitely tell the tires make a big difference. Can't wait to get the rear tires soon!

Mazda 3 2017 Grand Touring
Verified Customer
Oct 13, 2021

Love the Nokian tires I have had these tires in the past and I swear by them as they will out preform many winter tires in snow and ice and are a all season tire that will get you 100,000kms before needing to get new tires great tires if you live in northern states or in Canada

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