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Introduced in 2006, the Lincoln MKZ was a midsize sedan (also briefly called the Zephyr) that shared some mechanical bits with the Ford Fusion and was marketed as a Lexus killer. The MKZ for 2015 was available with a hybrid drivetrain that boosted fuel economy up to 38 mpg city/37 mpg highway and included standard features like leather upholstery, power sunroof, THX surround sound audio, blind spot monitors and a backup camera.

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Pilot Alpin PA4
Lincoln MKZ 2015 Hybrid
Verified Customer
Sep 7, 2023
Dont last

I have a Lincoln MKZ hybrid and these tires dive nicely but don't last. I have about 10k miles on them, and they are past 75% gone. Maybe not the tires as this car seems to eat tires for some reason. I've had 41 cars and never had to change out tires as frequently. Anyways I was hoping to get more than 15k out of the tires but it's not looking good this moment.

Lincoln Mkz 2015 hybrid
Verified Customer
Mar 10, 2023
Poor treadwear. Would not recommend

I bought these in July 2021 and after 1 year / 16k miles, the treadwear was below 2/32" on all the tires. Alignment showed no issue with the vehicle, so tire related (especially since all 4 tires wore similarly). I was unable to get the 65k warranty honored by Walmart or Sumitomo, so can't recommend this brand tire. They weren't purchased thru Simple Tire, but they attempted unsuccessfully to assist in getting this warranty honored. I replaced these tires with Arroyo tires purchased via SImple Tire and while I've only put 200 miles on them so far, they were comparable to the Sumitomo tires when first installed (quiet and comfortable ride), but after around 9 months of usage, the Sumitomo tires had a rough ride at the start of the day that went away after 5 minutes, but this pertained to the premature wear on these tires. And I did have an alignment done again when this 16k treadwear issue was determined and there was no alignment problem on this 2015 Lincoln, so was a Sumitomo tire issue.

Lincoln MKZ 2015 Base
Verified Customer
May 1, 2022

Great tires, better price. Ride is so comfortable, you can drive the car from the back seat!

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