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AtturoTrail Blade A/T
Lexus GX460 2016 Luxury
Verified Customer
Jul 20, 2021

Absolutely terrible tires. I've had a Raptor with 35in wheels on KO2s and a Tacoma with small KO2s, so I have some experiences with A/T aggressive tires. I realize that these Kenda Klevers are more aggressive and harder tread tires, with that I've bought these for a Lexus GX460 in LT265/70R-17 size. I've tried 5 times, that's FIVE attempts at balancing these tires at both Les Schwab and Discount Tire, unless all 5 times the personnel were completely incompetent, these tires are either out of round or out of variance meaning they have hard spots that cannot be balanced. They still vibrate starting at 60mph all the way to 80mphs. Not the steering the wheel but the floor board and up you can feel the vibration. I've put on my OEM wheels and tires and the GX460 rides smooth as butter, so I know its not steering components that are bad its the Kendas. Unless you plan to use these tires for Off-road only and never exceed 45mph, no highway use at all, these are unusable. I don't know where the reviewing websites say there no road noise, there is absolutely road noise in these tires especially on a highway. Ford Raptor 35inch KO2s have zero road noise whether its 60mph or 90mph. They're also very heavy which is understandable, but because of hard sidewalls the ride is extremely harsh at slow speed on regular bumps. Oh and Simple Tire will not return these tires if they have been mounted, but you have to mount the tires in order to expose the balancing issue, they've replaced 3 out of my 5 tires for the issues. And the new 3 tires are still out of variance, they still vibrate at 60mph!!!

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