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The 2015 Kia Soul is a popular compact car that’s sold with internal combustion engine and electric vehicle variations. The 2015 Soul is admired for its value, practicality, looks, technology, and advanced amenities like ventilated front seats, sunroof, geofencing, navigation, and so on. 2015 Kia Soul tires could be 235/45R18, 215/55R17, or 205/60R16, depending on the Soul’s trim level, which and a brand new Soul typically rolled out of the factory with a set of Nexen Classe Premiere CP671, Nexen N’blue EV, or Nexen Classe Premiere CP671 H tires attached.

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4.2 (2464)
MS932 Sport
Kia Soul 2015 +
Verified Customer
May 10, 2022

Just disappointed in communications, Also as a Good Samaritan

Kia Soul 2015 !
Verified Customer
Aug 13, 2021

Hey ALEX! - When you hit a pot hole you are likely to damage to your tire and or your wheel. It is on you to pursue replacement by either going through your insurance company or by sending the repair bill to the local municipality. NO tire company provides warranty when you damage a wheel. Would you ask the manufacturer of your car to replace all parts for free if you were in an accident? Of course not. Same thing. Farroad just like your car company offers a warranty that cover manufacturing defects. It does not ever cover damage when hitting pot holes. I have these tires on my Kia Soul and they are a great deal for the money. Not tier #1 but for less than half the price you can't go wrong. Treadwear will be quicker but everyone knows this as the treadwear rating is on the tire sidewall right folks? You can easily see these summer tires and not meant to be driven in snow/winter so putting a rating on them for winter should be N/A.

Kia Soul 2015 Base
Verified Customer
Apr 26, 2021

I just finished my third winter on the set that I bought at the beginning of 2018. Can't speak highly enough of these tires. I dry a FWD Kia Soul in northern Vermont and have never had any problems besides getting buried in a 2 foot storm that would have given any vehicle trouble. They still have at least another season on them as well. Great tire!

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