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The 2014 Jaguar F-type is a two seat, convertible sports car which has a center stack flanked by a robust passenger. Seats are bolstered and stitched with sass. However, because it's a Jaguar, you can expect premium materials, comfort, and cutting-edge technologies. Finishing touches like the rise-from-the-dash central air vents and the Ignis orange start button and shift paddles (for S models) up the cool vibe even more.

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Jaguar F-Type 2014 v8-s-rear
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Jul 21, 2023
If you're between the Pirellis and Michelin......

If you're between the pirellis and Michelin I would say they are very different tires all together. The grip on the Michelin are INSANE. Corner's quiver when they hear the sound of my F-type quickly approaching. I can take corners 15% quicker than in the Pirellis. Once it's wet though.... thats when you notice the difference . I never Hydro-planned in the Pirellis, the Michelin's however are a different story... They seem to go suicidal driving over the smallest puddles at a fast speed. Not seeming to get traction in the Florida afternoon rains. Also wear on the Michelins seems to be rough. 10k of semi-agressive driving at best. Summary Michelin (Pros) INSANE traction. Michelin (Cons) Hates rain, tread-wear reminds you to take it easy or you will find your self replacing the tires frequently, a little noisy Pirelli's(Pros) Longer life, Safely drive in rain, quiet on the highway Pirelli's(Cons) Spin tires if you're looking to smoke a Carrara 911 s.

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